On Death and Dying  

Archangel Metatron 

Greetings beloved ones

You ask about death and dying, as so many on the Earth Plane fear this. Let us speak of that now.

The Mother Earth is going through a period of intense cleansing and healing, releasing that which she can no longer sustain. In the process, many animals and people will be leaving the plane as well. Many of those in the Earth School experience sense this – as you do – but understand it not as they have not come to understand the times of the evolutionary phase of the planet and life upon her.

Whether souls understand this or not, we are all one, and on the Earth Plane in particular, is this more pronounced in its denial by the people. The moment that you understand that you are a part of the whole, you can accept and embrace the pain, challenge and fear which you experience but that you do not own, by acknowledging that you are feeling the emotions of the like-minded beings whose energy sphere you are plugged into.

Let me explain: if you were to visit a loved one who is terminally ill, you will pick up on the fear, heartache and sadness of all the other people who visit the space. Should you understand the process and choose not to invest in the pain and anguish, it will hit you so much harder and leave you depleted – because it is not your own and dealing with these emotional impostors will require more energy from you, as you will have to sustain your energy in an environment that is more dense than your vibration. Be sure to connect with your emotions and your stand on these circumstances, and protect yourself. Refer to the messages from the Lord El Morya regarding this.

Many are now choosing to leave the Earth plane. There are those who are physically exhausted and whose contract at this time is fulfilled. There are those who come to this plane to reconnect, regain understanding, establish working relationships in order to move on and work again from the other side in order to facilitate the ascension of the planet.  There are also those beings who do not feel themselves ready to answer the call to growth.

You will have seen that there are numerous  opportunities for people to gather knowledge, to be inspired (to live ‘in spirit’), to grow and to embrace a refined, conscious way of living. Those who choose not to see the changes, not to seek understanding and who opt not to choose a conscious way of living, will not be able to sustain life on this planet. 

It is imperative that you understand this. As a result of the increased vibration of the planet, many will find themselves more and more depressed, afraid and anxious, as their energy levels and vibration will become increasingly discordant in relation to that of the planet upon which they exist.

This will become evident, as you have already noticed, wherever people abuse power, money, the innocence of others and their lack of knowledge. Wherever decisions or actions are not taken with the pure intent of it being for the highest good of all, the perpetrators will find their lower vibrations causing them to either be more easily identified, as in the various instances of fraud now being exposed, or to become depressed and self destructive in their behavior.  Such people commit energetic suicide and will then manifest  circumstances whereby they will leave the Earth plane.

Others, who have a life wrapped up in organized religion, may also find the newer information and circumstances difficult to integrate. Instead of growing spiritually, seeing conscious living as a part of the whole as false teachings, will also choose to leave to undergo further soul teachings in other dimensions. They too have fulfilled the agreement for which they have incarnated.

Many, many souls will leave now, and that is in line with their contracts. They do so joyously – and we cannot stress this enough! These souls – every single one who leaves – does so because it is their time.

 Their leaving – the way they depart – will indicate the way they lived. Those who lived  fast paced, hurried lives, will depart in similar circumstances. Those who always wanted to control families, children, other people and or circumstances, will struggle to let go of the control. You will often hear them saying that they are tired, they  want to leave – and then they will once again grab the reigns – a little bit like you do when you  say ‘Thy will be done – but please do it this way….’.

 Many, whom you may have experienced as Earth Angels, are leaving to facilitate the process in Love and Light on the other side. They are so, so close. The veils which separate the dimensions are now so thin that you will sense them, their presence and their love, if only you will allow yourselves to become quiet at the center, to stem your grief and sorrow and to hear their voice on the whisper of the wind and the glitter of a raindrop on a petal.

 Know, beloved ones, whether you choose to depart or stay, that the act of dying is one of comfort and joy for the soul that chooses to return home to its expanded state. It is an act of freedom and surrender, where the so-called ‘heavenly helpers’ are ever present to facilitate this transition with joy and ceremony.

 It is only during time of a suicide – not spiritual as mentioned before, but actual, physical suicide, where the soul is not in harmony with the emotional and physical body, or in an instance where, although the agreement is made beforehand and then, during the time of departure, the person – not the soul – becomes afraid and resistant , that the process has the potential to be painful and traumatic.

 Know, however, that no matter what the circumstances, the soul is ALWAYS received in Love, comforted and brought to healing. It is only in rare cases that ‘tormented’ souls will remain attached to the Earth plane and then, again, it will be their free will to learn such lessons.

 Know, always and unconditionally, that you are NEVER alone, not in life or so-called death. You are never forsaken, for the eternal Creator, the Father Mother God is with you in every moment and every fibre of your being and we, the guides and angels, in service of the All that Is, support your soul’s journey on this plane and any other you may choose in order to learn and grow.


Archangel Metatron                                                                                                      

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