EnerSense is a process where the seeker, who has some kind of wounding or issue, selects certain people in the workshop to represent specific members of say a family, colleagues at a work place or relationship and re-enact the specific scenario.

The representatives do not know who they are representing and yet, through the energetic field that is created, they intuitively take on the mannerisms and behaviours of whom they represent, allowing the seekers to gain insight and perhaps step out of the drama of the situation and become objective.

A very insightful and recommended inner journey back to Inner sense, or perhaps innocence?

I am honoured to work in partnership with Michelle Attwell, a Traumatologist, with whom I have had the pleasure of offering this secure and sacred process since 2017, the last two years of which has been offered online.


It was mind-blowing – I felt open, vulnerable but very safe”

“Come and experience something incredible!”

“You learn a heck of a lot about yourself”

“A life changing experience”

”You have to experience it – words cannot describe it!”