It is my belief that much of what we experience is pre-destined, but as much of our lives are determined by how we respond to the pre-destined experiences and what we tell ourselves about our lives. Maintaining a negative mental attitude causes a psychic blockage between the conscious mind and the Higher mind, making it difficult for the Higher Consciousness to pass through and be realized by the conscious mind. Living a fulfilling and positive life, is a choice – and one of the most powerful and important tools towards this, is the use of Affirmations.

The brain is a wonderful organ, capable of destroying or healing our lives, pointing you in many different directions at any given time. It has now become known that it is possible to retrain the brain, as many negative inputs and traumas have caused the brain to react in a way which very often is not at all conducive to a positive life.

Affirmations have been proven to be a powerful tool for the retraining of the brain and to help you change your mood, state of mind, and manifest the change you desire in your life. Ideally, they should be said regularly as it is believed that an affirmation repeated at least 3 times a day for a period of 21 days can bring about drastic changes in ones life.

But they work best if you can first identify the unwholesome belief that is opposing them.

It has been my personal experience, that I often question the affirmations and therefore undermine the power thereof. I came to realize that, in order for me to ‘own’ the affirmations and the ensuing qualities or actions, I needed to understand what it was I was trying to ‘overcome’ in order to have what I needed. The truth, you see, is that we all work with affirmations every day. Every single time I worry about money, I am affirming that I am lacking or not worthy of receiving money I need; every time I tell someone that I am ‘struggling’ to lose weight, I am actually affirming the struggle rather than the weight; a statement about me hating my job will bring on more of what I hate for me to hate – that, after all, is what I am affirming.

In order to remedy this, one has to become mindful of the things you are continually telling yourself. Your mind-talk can be either your greatest opposition or, once you start becoming aware of it, your most powerful teacher. The words you say to yourself can then become the author of your affirmations. It is imperative, however, not to blindly choose the opposite to what you are saying to yourself, as an affirmation. Take the time to consider this carefully in order to create words that you can and do relate to. If you are anything like me, stubborn, questioning, analytical . . . you too may query how you can state that your life is abundant, whilst you are struggling to pay your bills; or that you are confident and successful whilst you are too nervous to go into the office because you feel that you are being targeted by the office bully. To this effect I have realized that our most powerful tool, given unconditionally to each of us, is choice. Using the affirmations you come across in books or on the internet, for instance, may work more powerfully for you if you add to it the power of choice by starting the affirmation with the words “I choose……”, i.e. I choose to be powerful, I choose to appreciate my opportunities, I choose to believe in myself, etc. In doing it this way, you choose to be accountable for your life and actions – and that is the most empowering gift you could possibly give yourself.

My suggestions then, when working with affirmations directed towards changing your life, are as follows :

  • Identify limiting, destructive mind-talk by being mind-ful of your thoughts
  • Develop positive, affirmative and descriptive sentences, i.e. instead of ‘I am struggling’, say ‘ I choose to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate the gifts of joy, blessings and abundance in my life’.
  • Seek advice or use people close to you to ‘test’ the resonance of the affirmations
  • Write the affirmation on cards and place them in your vehicle, purse, diary and other places where you can regularly see them, in addition to repeating them to yourself 3x a day.
  • Keep affirmation cards in a God box or spiritual toolbox, and draw one at random whenever you need a ‘pick-me-up’.

Here then are a few examples which you may wish to use, either to use for yourself as is, or to use as a springboard to help you create your own:

General Affirmations

I am powerful
I clearly see all there is to be grateful for in life. Through gratitude my world expands.
I acknowledge the blessings I have received in my life with gratitude.
I give thanks continually as I move through each day.
I am thankful for my _______________ (husband, child, friend, ect…) and the way he/she ________________.
Gratitude brings me into a harmonious relationship with the good in everyone that surrounds me.
I am grateful for the sun and its healing and life-giving properties upon my skin
I am grateful that my body operates effortlessly
I am grateful for the life-giving rain which feeds the Earth.
I am grateful that I can think, that I have free will to use those thoughts to change my life as I choose.
I appreciate all opportunities presented to me
Opportunities for growth are presented to me daily
I am prosperous
Every day in every way I succeed
I am fearless
My positive attitude creates a positive reality
I choose to believe in myself
I see good in all people
I determine how I respond to my own environment
I have all I need now
I am sufficient
I am secure
I can do anything I choose to do
I create positivity
I forgive myself
I am in control of my responses, thereby controlling my emotions
I enjoy sharing
I am sincere
Abundance and prosperity flow to me now
I use money in good ways
Love and abundance are mine now
I deserve and welcome prosperity
There is enough for all
I am a winner
I am proud of myself
I choose to be enthusiastic
I pursue my goals with confidence and focus
I follow through on all leads
I consider alternative solutions with an open mind
I present myself well
I love and accept myself
Self discipline is success
I set goals
I achieve my goals
I accept responsibility for my life
I choose to positively exercise will power in my life
My goals are meaningful
I deserve to see my goals realized
I am already successful
I make my decisions with confidence
My intuition is powerful
I trust my intuition
I am unafraid
I was created perfectly
Assertiveness is natural
I seize opportunities
I choose to assert myself
I love life
I choose happiness
I contribute love, light and happiness to life
I am in control
My body is perfect
I visualize and invite perfect health
I am awakened and free from all Internal and external destructive control
I reflect energy of prosperity and well-being, wherever I may be each day.
I choose to do my absolute best
I choose to make choices that demonstrate the care I have for my body.
I freely express gratitude for the many blessings I receive.
I will speak kindly to and of others.
I choose to see the good in all people I interact with today.
I will set aside time to be silent and breathe.
I have the power to control my reactions to the challenges I will face.
I choose to see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow.
Today I choose to forgive
I release myself from my anger and let go of the past
The past is forgiven. I am thankful.
I let go of my hurt and anger toward _______
I allow Divine love to permeate my thoughts
I live in the now each moment of each day
Today and every day, I forgive myself
My memory of a painful situation is healed. I move forward with renewed joy toward life
Today is graced with the Divine
Forgiveness is a gift I give to myself over and over again
Forgiveness expands within me to let the past go and open my eyes to the happiness of tomorrow.

The following affirmations place more emphasis on one’s relationship with Spirit and the spiritually orientated creative process :

I know that the source of my prosperity is God expressing through me
I affirm that in the Presence of God prosperity is materialising in my life
All channels of my mind are open, so that I may receive intuitive direction from God
Each day, I share the wealth of God’s abundance around me.
The Mystical Power of God is working for my good in this day
The love of God within me, vibrates the magnetic power of love through me
The Mystical Power of God in me sustains me, every day in every way
My soul presence is greater than any obstacle before me.
I think only positive thoughts, inspired by the Mind of God within me.
The beauty of my soul vibrates through my thoughts each and every day.
I embrace abundant prosperity and financial supply – immediately, now and eternally!”
I am One with perfect health throughout my body – immediately, now and eternally!”
I welcome perfect love (personal, family, spiritual, and all else) in my life – now and eternally!”

When practicing magick and manifestation, it is advisable to write positive, descriptive and detailed affirmations to use during rituals. Here, from the inspirational and fun book “Tarot Spells” by Janine Renée, are some examples :

With this spell and with these images
the forces of change are set in motion.
My life enters a new cycle
as surely as the wheel of fate does turn.
I leave behind all that is old and outworn,
all that gives pain, all that gives stress,
and move to a new life and new situation.
I create new surroundings
where I am much happier,
much more able to enjoy life.
in working toward this goal,
I do not cease from striving.
I am alert to every opportunity that comes my way
while I make every opportunity to transform
and brighten all that is around me.
This do I vow!
So it is and so shall it be!

With this spell
I call forth power!
I call upon the power within me,
for within me is the power
to make my plans a reality.
Energy and power
I direct to this, my new venture.
All is in readiness as I now prepare myself
to actualize my dreams,
my plans, my ideals.
I persevere against all hardships
and carry through.
I am busy, and I enjoy being busy!
I work hard and make it!
I achieve success and prosperity.
From this time forth, so it shall be!

From the depths of my soul
To the heights of all that exists,
my joy rises!
I drink the elixir of happiness
and my world is filled with delight.
All is right with my world,
and the world is right with me!
The moon brings me sweet emotions,
and the Sun shines on me wherever I go!
So it is,
And so shall it be!

I call for money
and money comes to me
Channels of abundance and money
are open to me,
and money comes from many sources.
Money is good for me and I do
good things with my money.
I thank the Living Universe for the
abundance it brings to me.
So it is and so it shall be

I call upon the cosmic forces
and the power that burns within me!
I release old guilt.
I release old troubles.
All which is old and outworn,
All which gives pain,
All which gives anguish,
is consumed by the flame that
I have summoned and is no more.
I herewith call forth the powers of light
and love, and laughter
to fill my being with radiance!
I dance and play in the light of the Sun
a free and joyous Spirit!
So it is,
and so it shall be!