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Mystique Metaphysical Centre strives to offer Hope, Pastoral Care and Enchantment to those who choose to interact with us. Pastoral Care, often mistakenly seen as religious, is defined as offering emotional, social and spiritual support. We have found that people contact us because they are searching for a place where they feel they belong and also, where they feel they are heard.
The podcasts presented here, are in response to the questions that we are sent by people seeking clarity in regard to various issues. We hope that it may clarify these issues for you, or more importantly, inspire you to form your own answers by drawing on your inner wisdom.

Meet the Hosts

Estelle Koch

I am passionate about the Soul, yours and mine, the very core of our being. My work is both complex and simple, rooted in my love for Spirit and reaching into all areas of our lives.


My being is filled with sound and song. Encompassing the knowing that spirit runs through all of us like strings in a piano. I am proud to be a part of Mystique Metaphysical Centre’s Sound Healing and Integration Division.

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