Commitment Ceremonies

The joining together of two people in the sacred rite of marriage brings together great forces from which flow the seeds of future generations to be nurtured in the womb of time.

Within every masculine nature lies the feminine, within every feminine lies the masculine. The interplay of masculine and feminine forces flowing freely in a union based on true love, finds many expressions. This union is truly holy.

Drawing from various spiritual paths, our own experiences and the requests of those who come to us to partake in this beautiful ceremony, each ceremony is tailor-made for the couple for whom we facilitate these ceremonies.

Please feel free to discuss with us your needs, your special requests or simply ask for guidance in terms of that which we have to offer to make this day perfectly ‘Divine’, sacred and memorable. During the ceremony, guests are invited to come forward and to address the bride and groom or the partners, bringing their individual wishes to the couple in the presence of all who are in attendance.

This ceremony is also suitable for a couple who wishes to renew their marital vows or wish to recommit to one another.