The Re-Enchantment Workshops

Why God and why now?

The term “re-enchantment” describes a reawakening to the depth of soul that embraces us and the world.

Many people are seeking some form of security and many are turning to spirituality or returning to religion, for solace. Our souls are restless, becoming more demanding in our search for meaning, for self and ultimately the soul growth and joy we have come here to experience.

These workshops offer answers to many of the questions that seekers do not even know they have, but ultimately, will assist the student in making their own choices based on knowledge and wisdom – the corner stones of faith and stability for future times.

This series of courses will address various aspects of Spiritual Living and will include relevant activities and a downloadable guided meditation. It will be available either on-line or for electronic download, and will be offered under the following headings, each workshop including 5 courses:

The Nature of God 
Spiritual Gifts and Assistants
The Universal Laws
Human Energy Systems and their effects on our Bodies, Mind and Spirit
The Magic of Mysticism

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