The Blueprint of your Being

Beloved One

Before we continue, let us again confirm what we have given you – for we wish for you all to know that you are divine beings who carry all you need to do the work of spirit, in you. It is not for want of ability that you stumble, but because you no longer know who you are. You have been so focused on changing, healing and becoming, that you have completely lost track of your blueprint – that of complete, capable and  confident beings who allow energy to flow through you unhindered.

The messages given to you from those who do readings for you, including such as past lives and akashic records, have been allowed to define you, have made you doubt yourselves, question your abilities and waver before your true being.

Your physical blueprint is one of beauty, strength and gender. Your spiritual blueprint is that of being a child of God, a manifestation of pure, sacred energy. The gifts that you embody in terms of intellect and or emotions have been given to you as a part of your blueprint, but how you have chosen to develop them has been your choice.

You have been allowed to do this, you have been given the opportunities to explore all the various pathways available to you, you have known joy, love, excitement, heartache, confidence, a love of self but, more importantly, you have been allowed the gift of free will. That gift, bearing so very many opportunities, have also borne many traps that many of you have fallen into. Today, if you were  to tick the boxes, you would find that many of those that came naturally when you were younger, exploring life fearlessly, may now have been replaced by doubt, insecurity, confusion and, most often, a lack of knowledge of who you have become. You no longer know who you were, who you are or who you want to be.

It is time – it is time to forgive yourself for who you are, who you believe you have become and why you have become that person, time to let go of the masks, the roles and the incredible effort it takes to keep all of this in place.

Surrender now, not on your own, but surrender by surrendering to the God of your being, the voice that resides deep within you, in that place where there is no space for doubt, for questions, for fear, for blame, for recrimination. Sadly, once again, you do not know how to do that without engaging your intellect, your emotions, therefore we are going to ask you to write down who you believe you are, who and what you have become, and then to go to a time in your life when you know you were truly happy, in the very core of yourself, and then choose not to let go of anything, not to heal anything, not to forgive anything – just choose to step into that space again. No ifs, no buts, just confidently step into the being who is you – the blueprint of your being.

Feel what it is to be full of life, to laugh, to experience joy looking at the miracles that surround you daily, to experience true compassion without any form of fear, hurt or judgement in the face of darkness, but in the knowing, the unquestionable knowing, that who you truly are is a representation of Light, the beautiful, powerful manifestation of a high frequency divine energy – then see your life change.

We are here, take our hands, each and every one of you are surrounded by guides and angels, just waiting to hold your hand as you step right back into your divinity. This is what you need to do now – for a beautiful tomorrow awaits, and your name is called.


25 May 2023