Soul Speak

my soul resonates – beautiful, rare . . .
but scattered and vulnerable
over the landscape of my struggle
the path back to me
circling in ever decreasing patterns
drawing me in and spitting me out
. . . . fertile
. . . . full of hope, potential and beauty
devoid of expectations
cosmos pink
blossoming across the barren landscape of my being.


My wayward heart beats
seeking, always seeking
the questions to the answers
before my feet –

My soul searching,
aching for wholeness
longing to belong
to the answers
before my feet –

And then the hand
the touch,
the knowing that I am,
no more, no less
Just me, just perfect
As I move –

And the answers before my feet
Become my direction
My beacons
My moments well lived

…the questions
the starships of home
gently calling
leading me to center
to the love within


How utterly unbearable
this tango
called life –
pain –
passion –
pulsating rhythm
alive with betrayal and
beating raw ravishing – revisiting life
How utterly unbearable
the thought of sitting out


Tumbling –
–skimming lifetimes
and scattering worlds
I have fallen into
my center
finding sunshine
and sorrow
pleasure and
Finding me
-a galaxy
-a universe
-central sun

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