Shamanic Workshop

This workshop will be presented over 8 weeks, and will deal with the processes and practices of shamanic wisdoms.

Leo Rutherford, a renowned Shamanics teacher, describes a shaman as “. . . someone who has fully walked this path of transformation and chosen to become a healer, helper, seer, prophet in service to the people – a doctor of the soul”

Topics covered:

  • 5 Stages of Spiritual awakening
  • Spirituality in relation to religion
  • The qualities of a shaman
  • The individual’s path to healing
  • The importance of ritual
  • The concept of Ascension
  • Energy work, i.e. psychic work, energy protection, working with white light, auras, etc.
  • The tools of the trade, i.e. the Sweat Lodge, Labyrinth, Soul Journeying, Prayer & Meditation,  Fasting & Feasting, etc.

It is believed that the word ‘shamanism’ originated in Siberia and was derived from the language of the Tungus people. The word means ‘wise one’, ‘one who knows’ or ‘one who walks between the worlds’.

The late Kenneth Meadows coined the phrase ‘shamanics’, which he describes in his book ‘Shamanic Experience’ as “…a distillation of fundamental shamanic wisdom that is inherent throughout cultures and traditions world-wide – a process of personal development and life-enhancement whose emphasis is on establishing contact with the spirit within, one’s own spirit. It is the most natural and practical way of bringing mind, body, soul and spirit into a dynamic unison for the benefit of both the individual and the community.”

During this 8 week workshop, you will be guided to discover your own inner space of peace and tranquility, awaken your senses, shift your awareness in order to become more aware and comfortable with other dimensions of life, discover your latent potential, realise your creative talents and take charge of your life and cease to be a victim, simply by coming into alignment with the natural forces of the Universe.

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