Tamoken’s House Clearing Ritual

Cleansing a home – or for that matter any space – is very important, as stagnant energy, of any nature, can be disturbing and exhausting, eventually adding to the discomfort and low energy of the occupants. Please be clear on this – the energy will worsen or amplify your energies, not cause them!

It is imperative that you realize that, should there be ‘beings’ around your space, they are there because they find resonant energies there for them to be with. Very often people will complain that a loved one is still around the property. This is very possible, but it is normally as a result of the unresolved emotional issues of the people living in the home – those energies will then revisit them in order to assist their healing by making their presence felt, and therefore prompting them to seek assistance, or to show their love and support – but again, this will be because the people staying behind have issues which they have to deal with. Please note that this is not necessarily a negative, but wherever unresolved emotional issues are present, it has the potential to affect people negatively.

Often, where the deceased has caused pain, hurt etc. for those left behind, they will try and communicate a level of comfort from the other side in order to assist those who have stayed behind to heal. It is true, though, that if we continue to live with anger, resentment, unresolved sadness, grief and judgement, those people are often also not able to move on and continue with their soul’s journey. They do not cause pain and confusion because they wish to – but, by virtue of their different vibration and the fact that it is of a different wave-length to those of us on the earth plane, this is exactly what happens.

The other situation that causes disturbances, is where there is stagnant energies within a home or space as a result of, well yes, exactly that – stagnant energies. This is created due to many circumstances, i.e. arguments, illness, sadness, grief, general unhappiness and then, people who tend to visit and who dump their negativity in your space.

Whilst I was working in Johannesburg, I could never figure out why the pot plants in my healing room were always looking sad, until someone pointed out that they were absorbing the negative energy of my clients. I then started placing bowls of salt in the room (stood my candles in them, amongst other things) and also started rotating the plants in the room by taking them out for at least two out of every six weeks, which resulted in a much happier space and plants! So, if you are a healer / health worker doing massage, counselling etc., I highly recommend you keep bowls of salt around your space and clear it with every full moon. Should you have a very busy practice, a weekly clearing of salt or otherwise every new and full moon, would be recommended.

In the case of people who absorb the energy of others (and I cannot help but include Debt Counsellors here) it is important yet again to note that these energies will not necessarily cause illness for you, but most certainly, if you are exhausted, feeling run down and overworked, these energies will, without question, amplify the negative energies. Therefore, no matter what the cause and/or the issue, please ensure that you seek, without hesitation, the negative energy within your own energy field which these energies are resonating with and attaching to.

If you do not, it will simply be a matter of time before you will have to redo the whole process and, in the case of entities, before a new one will find a foothold in your space. Space clearing needs to be done regularly to create a clear, healthy space to promote our wellbeing and assist us in finding clarity about our issues, therefore assisting us in being accountable for what we attract, and finding workable and lasting solutions to our circumstances by healing our thoughts and behaviour patterns that are being shown to stand in our way.

In addition to clearing the space, I have added to this process a Bagua Grid which is a simple, yet effective tool for harmonizing the placements of items in your home and for utilizing the space in your home to optimize the energies available according to Feng Shui. The Grid was taken from a book called “Sacred Space” by Denise Linn, and is highly recommended for anyone who is seeking more information on the theme of space clearing.


Items needed:
– White candle/s: If you will be using sound items, one candle will be sufficient – please note that simply by clapping your hands, you will also be able to gauge the energy in the space. If you choose, however, you may carry a candle with you through the space. 
– Coarse Salt: Table salt can be used, but is more difficult to clean. 
– Rosemary: (The culinary type is perfect if you do not have fresh rosemary available) 
– Rose Water: (Available from any Indian spice/curry shops, health shops and in some case, pharmacies). Please note that the rose water should be placed in a spray bottle or, if not available, (I recommend you use a lavender twig for splashing it in the rooms).  – Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Spiritual Guide, Sandalwood or any other as recommended by your supplier for cleansing purposes. Rosemary and Juniper berries can be placed on small round charcoal (as used for hubbly bubbly pipes). Many of the herbs, such as Juniper Berries and Rosemary, can be bought in bulk at very good prices, from DisChem.

Optional Extras:
Sound items:
Bells, gong, chimes etc. (always good to have good quality chimes in your space for protection) 

Aromatherapy Oils:
Lavender (general healing oil, strengthens), Juniper (protection), Rosemary (clears stagnant and negative energies), Neroli or Sandalwood (Both of these oils are used for consecrating space & protection)

Please note that this process is for clearing space only – it is not advised for someone who does not have experience in clearing entities from a space, to do so unassisted. This process will however assist both the person doing the work – should your intention be pure – to find healing in the process and also may assist any entities there to move on of their own accord. If not, I highly recommend you seek assistance of an experienced practitioner.


  • Where applicable, complete the forgiveness and release process prior to doing the space clearing.
  • Place the Bagua Grid over a plan of your house, and then, using the grid as a guide and indicator, create an intent/statement/affirmation for each room of the house, i.e. should the kitchen be in your money and abundance space, state the intent that you wish for your kitchen to be a space of laughter and  nourishment for all who enter there, and that, as your family enjoys their meals and happy times together, they bring gratitude for the emotional, material and spiritual abundance in your lives.
  • Place all the items you may wish to use on a designated table/space
  • Open the process with a prayer, invoking the presence of the Father Mother God, your angels and/or guides.
  • Light the white candles as representative of God’s healing Light.
  • Clearly state your intent for the cleansing (this may be done out loud or to yourself)
  • Starting at the door you most often use, circle each room in a clockwise direction after having stated your intent for each room:
  • Sprinkle salt throughout the room> Circle the room with the incense> Circle the room either carrying the candle (the flame will flicker actively where there is still stagnant energies), clapping your hands or ringing the sound items (these will sound clear, except where there is still stagnant energy – which will be identified by a dull sound)> When you feel comfortable that the flame is still or the sound clear, move to the next room. Complete all rooms, then return to the starting point. 
  • Having completed all the rooms, return to where you have started.
  • Ideally, I would recommend that you open the doors and windows of your home, and leave the salt either overnight or at least two hours. Thereafter, it can be vacuumed or swept away.
  • Once the salt has been removed, take the Bagua Grid and the rosewater (to which you have added 3 drops of any or all of the oils indicated) and once again enter each room. As you enter the room, state your intent/affirmation for this room and then circle it – again in a clockwise direction – spraying the water throughout the room. If you do not have a spray bottle, dip a sprig of lavender, rose etc, in the water and use that to sprinkle the water.
  • Enjoy your space and breathe free and easy!!

Please note

This process can be simplified by doing only the following:

  • Simply sprinkle the salt and/or walk through the rooms with incense, state the intent and then, having cleared the salt or smudged with the incense, sprinkle the rosewater.
  • If you are not able to walk through the house, sit with the house plan according to the Grid, and state the intent for clearing and affirmation whilst holding your hand and focus on each room.
  • If you cannot find rose water, you can make your own water by soaking lavender, rosemary, rose leaves etc. in the water for 24 hours prior to using it.
  • It is highly recommended that you take a cleansing bath prior to doing the clearing ritual – and that you spray yourself with the rosewater before and after the process.