Estelle is absolutely phenomenal! She has helped me through a lot of life challenges and has a huge positive impact on me! If you're looking for some extra guidance I recommend her 100%


Let me start with Estelle as a human being… I can feel that she puts her heart and soul into every interaction. Estelle is positive, uplifting and downright phenomenal. I have found value in Estelle's sessions because they're insightful, applicable, practical and inspiring. Estelle is so intuitive, caring and a good ear.

I always call on Estelle when I've lost my way, when my head and heart are not aligned and when I need to hear some hard truths.


Estelle has been in my life for 10 years and from the beginning this very strong and spiritual teacher has been a huge support to me.. confidently answering my multiple questions as I have navigated this life .. finding my way and growing to love this life. Learning that we all have a purpose. When a stressful situation rears its head… it is Estelle who I call to help me through it. When she holds energy for you.. you literally feel it. She does not Molly coddle anyone. She is there to help and not stoke your insecurities but get you through them with kindness and love. I love this lady so much. Thank you Estelle for who you are to me and many many others.


For twenty years Estelle has been the constant in my life, seen the bad and the good but always been there to guide me when lost. 


The workshop was an enlightening experience, full of insights. I'm excited to put my new knowledge into practice.


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