Working as a clairsentient channel, I am able to sense the energies around you with the assistance of my guides and yours. Please read below listed articles for more information.

Get your own reading

Terms and conditions for telephonic, Skype or eMail readings

  • - Readings are to be specified in terms of contents, i.e. a general reading plus 3 questions, or no general reading but a maximum of 5 questions.
  • - When requesting a reading, please provide me with your date of birth and the dates of birth of anyone who is pertinent/relevant to your life/reading, i.e. partner, children etc. The more information you make available to me, the clearer the information I can provide from the start as I am then more able to validate the information that comes to me.
  • - Cost per consultation is R600.00. This amount is to be paid into my account, and details of deposit forwarded to either my email address or fax prior to reading being scheduled or done.
  • - The same procedures apply to telephonic or Skype readings
  • - Should you wish to have only one or max 2 questions answered, please understand that it still requires time and energy from me to connect with your energy field. The cost for this is R300.00
  • - Specification for reading to be sent through with confirmation of payment.
  • - Readings can unfortunately not be done on the day of deposit, as I spend quite a bit of time on the road and also am often consulting. Readings will however be done within 4 week days of receipt of deposit, unless otherwise notified. Please include telephone numbers that I may inform you when the reading is sent.
  • - Should you have any queries on receipt of and regarding the reading, please do not hesitate to contact me a.s.a.p, with questions or to set up time to do a telephonic follow-up, as I am not often able to recall detail of a reading afterwards and readings are deleted from my computer within 2 weeks of completion.
  • - Telephonic or Skype readings can be done by scheduling an appointment upon confirmation of payment.
For payment details please send an enquiry via eMail to