Question Of Balance Workshop

Are you feeling as if your life is a basket full of things which you would rather not do, prefer to do less of or prefer to do more of?

Do you feel that your partner is the exact opposite to what you wanted in your life, and this makes you frustrated and unhappy, yet you do not know what to do about it?
Do you feel as if your life is all work and no play?
Do you remember the last time you were able to take a day off, lie in in the morning, have a cup of coffee with a friend or just lie and read a book, without feeling guilty?

If you have answered yes to any one of above questions, then this is the workshop for you.

We aim here to help you identify the imbalances in your daily life, your relationship with people, the animal and nature kingdoms, your relationship with yourself and your relationship with all of creation.

During the process of doing this workshop, you will:

  • Recognise area of imbalance in your life
  • Set powerful, sustainable goals to help you gain more balance
  • Gain a better understanding why certain people are in your life
  • Become more compassionate towards yourself and others

Create a life which is balanced, fulfilled and ultimately rewarding on all levels