Journal to Center

Journal to Center


Personal Development journal including motivation essays and poetry.



Extract from Journal

“The important thing to remember is that we have been vulnerable, exposed and at some point happy – if not, we would not have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable or exposed, and our pain or anger now is simply our way of dealing with losing that joy or happiness – for we would not feel these emotions if we had not first entered the opposite thereof. Fear, it is said, is the opposite of love. If we have never known love, we would not fear losing it, and had we not at some time known fear, love would not be something to strive for, to covet.

“We would simply exist.

“Yet we have become so accustomed to fear that we bring it to all our emotions – fearing joy, happiness, sadness and grief. I hear you frowning – how can anyone possibly fear joy or happiness? Believe me, I see it everyday in the many ways we employ to keep other people at a distance, to build barriers in order to keep love out and in the destructive patterns that we embrace in our lives. Love, like happiness, is our right, it is the one thing that God offers us unconditionally – no matter who or what we are, for the God-force has never stopped loving us, never turned its back on us – never punished us.

“We do that ourselves.

“When we stop loving ourselves, stop honouring the beautiful beings we are and stop believing that we deserve to love, then we become afraid, empty, desperate and needy. Acknowledge your emotions, all of them, embrace and above all feel it – for your pain today is simply a celebration of the joy of yesterday and the preparation of the soul for happiness tomorrow.”

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