Passage to Puberty

“There is a magical and mysterious place inside every woman. It is a place where the past embraces the future, where an ancient womanly wisdom dwells, old goddess legends can be found, and new legacies can be created. It is a sacred realm which can nurture your soul with compassion to make you whole. When you discover this secret place, you truly know the glory and pleasure of being a woman.” – Denise Linn : Secrets and Mysteries

The transition from being a carefree little girl with a twinkle in the eye to a young maiden with stars in her eyes and the mystery of creation personified in her budding persona, is a phase filled with potential for a sacred overture of the sensual symphony she is to be.

Welcoming a young woman into the fold of the goddesses creates a safe space within the womb of the mother archetype from where she can feed on the wisdom of the ancients whilst confidently venturing into the unknown mysteries, visit the cinnamon scented markets of a new world, hear the music of the ages and, with Isaac Dinesen “eat the ripened heart of life, and make a luscious pickle of the rind.”