On the Death of a Loved One  


Beloved children of the Light

Let us speak of the Earth experience of those who remain when loved ones leave to return to their expanded awareness.

One who leaves does so after clear consultation with the Creator, the guides and the angels. This process is taken care of long before the journey takes place and, if the person allows him- or herself to listen to their inner voice, they will hear the message from their soul and, in rare cases, may start preparing or warning loved ones in subtle ways not even obvious to their conscious selves. Their soul will often acknowledge later that it was aware of this ‘knowing’.

We wish to assure you that no doctor, murderer or motorist (in the case of a motor vehicle accident), can cause a death without permission of the soul. It is only in the case of suicide that the persona will or may act in opposition to the promptings of the soul, and even then the soul will be received in love and healing, though it may take this soul a little longer to accept the transition. A soul who chooses to leave the Earth plane along the way of suicide, will be returned to encounter the same lessons until mastery of this suffering is achieved. Also, at times, deep rooted fear of the unknown or loss of control may cause a soul to transit with a little more resistance. Know, however, that the bliss known to souls at the time of departing is of such nature that it is only souls who are truly entrenched in the Earth experience who are able to resist the state of bliss offered during a time of transition.

Let us speak then of the process for those who remain.

It is imperative that you all reach a place of quiet meditation and contemplation. Return to prayer, to conversation with God. There are many who still fear the presence of God and who choose to seek the presence of the master Jesus, the angels or various other masters and or teachers. It is imperative that you understand that we were all created from the Source – there is NO us and them – and whether you speak to me or to the Great Divine – the Truth always is sourced from the Great Divine.

Ask the questions, seek the answers, listen to the teachers, your dreams, your guidance. You will never be forsaken or let down. Learn about death and dying that you may embrace it, whether it is your journey or that of a loved one.

When a soul expands – returns to its soul group – it is a time of joy and wonder. The Earth Walk is a trying time filled with many lessons, therefore the soul will enter a period of rest and integration upon its return. When a loved one seeks contact soon after the passing, they will normally encounter an angel or guide speaking on behalf of the soul. This is to protect the soul from the painful lower vibration of sorrow, regret and fear of those left behind. These vibrations from loved ones deeply disturb the soul that has moved on, holding them back, hampering their progress and integration on the other side. Some souls, having settled down, will seek to lower their vibrations in order to communicate with loved ones left on the Earth. They do so when they are ready and they do so willingly. This is good, and will happen more with the thinning of the veils. As many are preparing to transit, they are assisted by others. They are helping to take ‘redundant’ earth energy, helping in their passing to heal the Earth and her environment in the process. To this effect there are many angels present, working with departed souls and souls preparing to depart. These souls, without question, are surrounded by love, caring and healing.

It is the souls remaining that concerns us. Once you begin to understand that death is merely an act of journey home, a process so quick and harmonious, you will be able to embrace it in joy. However, your sorrow will not subside as long as it is all about you.

Mourning for a loved one very seldom has anything to do with the loved one. It is the self-centered sense of your loss, your fear of not being able to survive without one who either sustains and supports you, or justifies your existence by either needing or reflecting your existence.

We have taught you that you need to be the most important person in our life. Many question this and will do so again, using the above information as an excuse to do so.

If you can come to know and love yourself as God does, you will know that you are the most powerful, beautiful and creative being in your life. Every single person is an expression of the Beauty and Power of the Divine. Every person was created in the image of the Divine from a spark of Divine Energy. The core of every person, therefore, is Divine Love. It is your very essence. Divine Love seeks to acknowledge beauty and power in all in a gentle, kind and awe filled way. Divine Love wishes every traveler on his or her way home, Love and unconditional Joy.

The Earth existence is an aspect of the journey home. It is a learning school where your purpose is to know your soul, to feel its yearning, to recognize and strive to live the life of the Christ within.

Pain is a part of the curriculum – as is Love. When you love from the Sacral chakra, you love ‘because of’. Your love is then one of “I love you because of how you make me feel, or because of what you give to me, or because you take care of me……” or many other because of’s…..

When your life is lived in Spirit, your relationship one with Creation, then you will know that you can never lose the person, the love that existed between you or the experiences which helped to grow your Spirit. In such relationships, you are fulfilled by your relationship with Spirit and your relationships with others become an extension, a gift flowing forth, a blessing from the Father Mother God. If you truly love in Spirit, you will want always what is best for you, for in seeking what is best for you, you will be able to share, without doubt, your utmost, your beauty, love and soul, for the highest good of another.

When another passes to the other side or even in terms of leaving relationships, you will feel the loss, the intimacy and the sorrow. This is what it means to be human. Small memories will trigger moments or days of sadness. When this occurs, you will choose your role in the healing process of your soul and theirs.

Those who love from the sacral chakra – an earthly love – will feel the pain, will continue to nurse it and may even join a support group to sustain, justify and intellectualize the pain. Their pain will become the perpetrator to their victim, with them gathering caretakers on the way. Very often, as they seek the care-taking of the departed to make them feel better, they become the perpetrator, unintentionally showering negative emotions of fear, anger and hopelessness upon the departed, who then becomes the victim.

When your heart is open to the Love of Spirit, when you love from a place of expanded awareness, allowing the healing balm of the love of Spirit to flow through you, you will feel the loss and pain – you will be human – and then you will find your courage in Spirit, calling upon this power to flow through you that you may project Love and gratitude for the joyous time upon the soul of the loved one no longer with you.

When you come to this place, you will become your own support-group, allowing your self to be healed by the gentle power of a cleansing and healing bath enhanced by soothing salts and oils, you will dress in ways that will heal and soothe your Spirit, you will wear jewelry that will represent and remind you of times shared, promises made, joy experienced. Your very being will be a celebration of joy and Love for the monument of love that flowed and grew between you. Your being, your strength and your beauty will be a testament to the lessons learnt, the experiences shared and the growth experienced as a result of a life celebrated and shared in Spirit.

Become quiet, gentle souls, and reflect upon the role you wish to play on this Earth. Think how you would want to be remembered. What do you want your legacy to be? Do you wish that your loved ones be racked with pain and sorrow when you depart, or would you want them to celebrate your life, to gain strength from the strength you were on this plane, to see you as gone, or to revel in your beauty as they behold a sunset or a bird high upon wing?

Look at your relationships and imagine how you would feel if they were to end? Will their absence rob you of your strength, or will it inspire you to grow through their memory. What would your life say about the person departed?

How, you may ask me, should you deal with one whom you love, but who are in the process of transition as a result of ill health or injuries sustained. I shall implore you to find the courage in your heart to wish for that which is of the highest good for them. Bring joy to them by recalling the joy and wonder you once shared, by showing gratitude for their role in your life and for the lessons you have learnt. Spend the time conveying your love to this person through shared memories, gentle, soothing touch, assuring them that their soul is safe, no matter what the choices it may make, and bestowing upon them gratitude and love. This, more than ever, is the time to surrender, in courage and confidence, to the Love and Light of the Father Mother God. Call upon the energy of the Creator and know, without question, that you will find the strength to carry on, knowing that the Earth contract of him or her whom you love, has been fulfilled and that you are strong enough to send them on their path with blessings and a love capable of setting them free.

May you grow in Light and Love, may your Spirit soar and may you seek always to find your strength in Spirit who, by its very nature, will be with you eternally.

I am the Lord El Morya,

 Ascended Master, and I greet you in Love.

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