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I have said it often and will always affirm this – we are so very privileged to have a support system in one another from whom we can learn and grow.

During a discussion that a friend and I had recently about our various children (another friend and I had been licking our wounds – hmmm, our childrens’ wounds, probably) when she shared some hard wisdom with me. Since then, more of this has come to light which prompted me to ask, during a channel, for more clarity on the issue. I know that it makes more sense to me than I could even begin to mention and I sincerely hope it will, in some small way, help you all as well.

The discussion was essentially about the so called New Age or Indigo children – no – I lie – it was about normal children growing up with parents who are New Agey and Indigo slapped, and as I understood it, it had to do with the fact that we are so intent on doing things right and getting ‘it’ right with our children, that we run ourselves ragged introducing stardust and seaweed into their diets, buying crystals and personally knotting chains of organically grown cotton to hang them on, consulting specialists to strengthen their spines and necks so they can wear these crystals and sourcing lion turds and special fairies to ward off evil eyes and their own shadows.

In the process, we are exhausted to the point of sniffing said seaweed and hanging limply over our baths, which are ergonomically designed to enhance our energy field and best shape our auras whilst balancing our chakras. The result of this is that we are all beautifully balanced and unavailable for our children who now also beautiful, are screeching, weeping and wailing – begging us to give them some love in the form of discipline, boundaries and life-skills which they can use in the world that they are operating in – not in heaven – ‘cause they are not there yet and the world as we know it has not yet ended.

Jacques is and will remain one of my teachers – as is the case with every one of our children – and he once said to me that the problem with the world today is that one half of the parents are preparing their children for the lives they as parents lived and the other half are preparing them for the way they as parents envisage the future – Utopia would be simply being with them and helping them to cope in the now. He now gets presence a lot more often from me – and it is not always pretty – but it is the best I know to do in the moment, and for that I am choosing to forgive myself.

So – for the littlies – the recommendation as I understand it, is a lot less energy and a lot more lessons in karma – no respect, no tv; no cleaning up, no sleep-overs. Just imagine how much easier that is going to be than the current tendency of finding someone ‘nice’ for the sleepover simply because the other reflects your child’s shadow. An opportunity to be a little more old fashioned – but don’t let your mother hear it . . .

And finally, in addition to the above, I asked if all of this was relevant, why should we teach our children to  meditate – and the answer from the guides were clear :

We have turned meditation into a scientific study in how to live, what to do and how to engage with them and make them accountable for what we do. True meditation is about being quiet, being in the moment, smelling the flowers and not wondering when we first encountered that scent; seeing the beauty in a dewdrop without wondering how God decided on the shape of drops; feeling the texture of a butterfly’s wing without wondering if hemp would not have been more durable and increased their lifespan, changing the shape of karma of a butterfly forever; hearing the heartbeat of the Earth rather than trying to get it to beat to our desired rhythm or expecting them to choose who we should love to assuage our love karma and ensure some good nooky in the hereafter. Teaching children meditation is simply teaching them to be present – messing up our minds by trying to control them and our guides – well, that is our stuff, not theirs!

Here goes with the channel :

Channel recorded on 31 May 2016

You have asked about the children you are currently raising and their relationship to spiritual energy:

Let us say that you have all achieved Springbok status as rugby players, and you are being invited to come and play with the gr 1 players in a school. You are not going to bring your best game, you are going to look at the team that is  in front of you, you are going to honour them and work with them – oh yes,  you are going to uplift them and yes, you are going to inspire them and yes, you are going to take their game to a new level maybe, but just because you are a Springbok does not make the playing field that of a Springbok. Does that make sense to you?

So let us stay with this small rugby team, so to speak:

Do you believe that when they are that small they are ready for strategy, do you believe that they are already ready to prepare for professional  rugby where they are getting the income, involved in all the work that goes with it, where they are getting  rewards that go with it and where there are special schools where they learn about rugby – no it does not happen. But that is what you are all doing to your children, because you have access to the Academy, As a Springbok you have access to the best opportunities in the world,  you have technical knowledge, you have designer balls, uniforms, specially made clothes to improve grip or avoid grip and you have absolutely dynamic shoes to play with. So you put these Gr1  players into those boots and watch them break their knees. You take them to the Academy and you are amazed that they are disrupting the academy because they have absolutely no idea what they are doing , but they do not care, now do they? So as a Springbok,  having to do the best you can, you have a nutritious diet – one that develops your muscles, one that develops your core strength, one that supports the physical exercises you do, one that goes hand in hand with the mental work that you do to prepare you as a member of the team.  Is that right? Now you take the Gr 1 and you put them there, and their body will not develop as it should because their nutritional needs are so different, their brain power is not capable of that technology and everything that goes with it and believe me their physical ability does not come close. All they should be doing is sitting in a circle rolling a ball so that their hands can get used to touching and manning a ball. They should be laughing, there should be no attachment to an outcome when they are dribbling a ball. 90% of the problems in your schools today is because your little ones are already attached to outcomes. They have lost the joy. Horrified were you, Lleyya. and we echoed that, when a mother told you that the day-mother is complaining because her 2 year old cannot count to six – a two year old should not be counting, he should be  learning how to speak and how to express words.

And involving and inviting your children into meditations, taking them to work with crystals, doing all of that, is the same thing as taking  a six year old to a Springbok rugby event or practice session. It is not their place, it is not their place,  but these children are wise – they do not have the veils between them and the other side as you did. They speak truths that are incredibly wise, beyond their years wise, because they can access information, and yes, they have come to your families to help them, to heal them – but they did not come to be your wizards that you can walk around and brag with and say “oh look at my Indigo – he or she is so wonderful and so  gifted”, and when the child does show signs of being in touch with wizard energy  you immediately want to put him in a cloak, put a cap on his head and hang crystals around his neck.

These children have access, they do have access, believe me, to the Akashic records. They have glimpses of the truth as you know, Lleyya,  for the young one has on many occasions pointed out or corrected you  where you have made, according to him, mistakes when you have chosen to use or not use certain aspects within your work. For they do have access to cell tissue memory and they do have access to experiences that they have had in experiences in previous lifetimes, but they are not meant to be working with it at the ages of 6 or 10 years old. Them experiencing and knowing that is no different to you curling up and feeling the pain when you come too close to a fire because you were burnt in a previous lifetime. They are in contact with and live within their God mind and, because they do, they have glimpses of wisdom. Hear their wisdom, honour it and respect it, but do not make them an Indigo psychologist (oh my soul, Indigo psychologists – that could be rather disturbing – but I digress!) A psychologist who grew up as an Indigo with his head in the clouds and his feet in 3 worlds is not grounded. You want our children grounded in the physicality which they have chosen to grown into. Walk-ins who come into bodies but who do not ground in that body and in that energy is a danger to themselves. If you want these children to be etheric angelic beings floating out there on a cloud, doing magic and sprinkling stardust, then have that, but do not expect of them to live in this world, do not expect of them to achieve any tools that are required to live and survive in this world. If you were meant to be angels and meant to be ethereal, you would not have chosen this incarnation. Your duty as parents, each and every one of you, is to ground your children, to teach them joy – not indulgence.

There is another thing – you wish so deeply to have these fulfilling relationships with them, that you become their friends. You cannot be a child’s friend and parent – it is not possible. The only time you can step into the realm of being your child’s friend, is when your child becomes a parent or mature adult who demonstrates pure and absolute responsible behaviour. The minute your child no longer needs you to be a parent to teach and to support the child, and when we say support the child we do not mean supporting them by helping them survive financially, energetically or physiologically, when they no longer need you to support them and your only role is to support them in love and be there for them and be a safe space where they can come and sit and visit and know that all their thoughts and feelings are safe, when they reach that level of support they require of you, then and only then do you become their friends, until then you are their parents. Their parents love them unconditionally, their parents will never put them in danger, will never put them out in a place where they are destitute or incapable of looking after themselves. If your child has come through school, if your child has completed his or her schooling or level of schooling required of them at the age between 16 and 18, they are required and capable of starting to accept their roles. You never, you never compromise your safety, you never compromise your security for the sake of a child who chooses not to support him or herself, for it is desperately impossible to support a child, an adult, an animal or anything or anybody else who comes over your path, if you are grovelling, you are on your knees because you have given that which Spirit has provided for you that you may be the strongest,  best equipped person, not parent, person in this world, for if you are a person in your own right, being there for you, then and only then can you be a parent for your child  but if your first role is to be parent and the second is to be true to you, you can be neither, because the number of parents who are capable of loving children for their highest good are few and far between.

When you die and you go to meet your soul energy, when you return to where you have to go, when you report back to your life experience,  whether it be day by day and have a catch up meeting or upon your return, you will not be asked why you were not a brilliant mother, why you did not create a legacy of millions of rands for your children,  you will be asked why did you not stand up, why did you not own your gifts, why did you not become who you were capable of being so that in doing that, you could provide, you could inspire, you could uplift and, if necessary, even protect those you loved.

You are eternally loved, you are on this planet, incarnated right now, because you had and you have what it takes to do the work of spirit, to uplift and heal others, the time has come. The time has come to stop indulging your ego by playing small. It is time to stop wanting to hear how wonderful you are and to start owning the fact that you are, and if that is difficult for you, then fake it until you make it, and look at the results as they come rushing  towards you.

If you want a magnificent life, acknowledge to yourself in this moment, that you are worthy of the best – and you will have that which is best for you.

Let there be no doubt and let these words be blessed to your heart – whip yourselves not, judge yourselves not, in this night and in this moment, let that Go – surrender to your God Mind, and if you do, if you affirm the words “Let me step out of my ego into my God consciousness”, you will see your world unfold in a divine way.

So it is and so it shall be


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