On Healing Your Body

Beloved One

We greet you in Love as we hear your voice, your call.

You seek your own inner light, you seek healing, you seek the hands of Spirit in your life, yet you are totally committed to keeping us out, to resist our call, our work. You hear us, you know that we have so much to say and you know what we have to say, yet you completely refuse to come into your sanctuary and let us in.

Let us tell you now that healing in your world is about to change so intensely that within a matter of months, you will not know it. You know this and you have known for a very, very long time, that healing will not require supplements, medication, medical intervention – you have known this for the longest time – and that is your fear. Once again, you are afraid of failing. You know that you are required to heal yourself, to bring in the perfect energy, to reshape your body, to call on the God of your being to take over your life and continue making the changes that you need. This is imperative. You can and will not fail if you allow this to happen.

The one industry that will experience an epic fall, is that of supplementation. Although it is a very important market, it is one that is overpriced and overrated. In most instances, the supplements that you are all taking does not meet the needs of your bodies.

Needless to say, the medical field is also going to see a major change in the pharmaceutical industry. They have done themselves a great disservice with the vaccine, for people are now more and more aware of the total abuse of the system and the manipulation and large scale destruction that is taking place at their behest.

Taking supplements does in some way support your healing, but in many ways you can do that and better by simply calling in the energy and activating that. You can literally call in and conduct the movement of oxygen in your bodies, you  can call in Vit D3 and distribute it amongst the cells, you can call on your body  to rebuild the muscles which have become damaged in your legs and arms – yes all of this is not only possible, it is a given if you are simply prepared to commit yourself to it.

By constantly calling on supplements to do what your body needs, you are supporting an industry which is shamelessly extorting money from a desperate and fearful people who are all seeking the easy way out of healing their bodies. The nutrition you require is in your food – if you choose to cultivate it for yourself with as little chemical interference as possible. Keeping the smallest compost heap or worm farm, can do for you what you need it to do in terms of offering all the supplementation to your food by growing your fruit and vegetables yourself where possible. We do realize that not everyone can have an apple tree, but these fruits can be bought, whilst cultivating vegetables in the smallest space – something we taught you and requested you to teach people to do a long, long time ago. Do you even remember the circles and, if you do, why are you not using and promoting it. We are aware that you are using some circles, but then other options are used and the idea goes out the window.

Let it be known that you will not be able to heal your liver, which, by the way, is in dire need of cleansing and healing for all who are living under stressful conditions, whilst you keep putting supplements in your body. It is true that it offers your body some supplementation, but it is also true that this has to be processed by your liver.

In order for you to heal your bodies at this time, we will always recommend Jon Gabriel, for his concept of eating ‘live’ food and working with affirmations, is exactly what this is all about. Just reciting affirmations will not always do it though – we are talking about that as a starting point, but then you are asked to connect with your higher consciousness, the God of your Being, your inner Spirit and Light, for that is the source of all healing.

We wish to give you the following:

Meat, chicken and fish   : Eat red meat in moderation, regular chicken that is not battery and overly hormone fed. Fish must be fresh – buying frozen is one thing, but processed fish as you have all come to refer to it as, is quite simply a waste of good money. If you want to eat fish ‘fingers’, buy fresh fish and make them yourselves. You complain about the prices of fresh fish, yet you pay a fortune for supplements that are quite empty on their own, to replace the goodness of the natural sources of these supplements. Stop trying to save money by being frugal when it comes to what your body really needs. Right now it may be expensive, but if that what is required until such time as the market becomes balanced due to the availability of produce, do what is called for and know that in miraculous ways, there will always be enough money – as mentioned before. You save the money by not paying higher prices for the fish, as an example, but then you pay high prices for supplements which does not always do what it is promised.

Fruit and vegetables: Buy these from a reputable source at the highest quality. Eating either fruit or vegetables that are past fresh can, in some instances, do more harm than good. Your body needs these products to be fresh and alive in order to attain the healing and building properties it contains. Fruit that has been lying on shop shelves and have become wilted or will be within 2 days of buying it, does not serve the purpose. You should strive to eat fruit, especially, as fresh as possible and, wherever possible, to grow your own vegetables that you may eat this from the land. It truly is yours for the taking, if you make the effort to cultivate it.

Drink water – always. When you drink water, which is truly essential, literally visualize it going through your body, feel it moving the energy and nutrients. The flow of water in your body is most vital and visualizing this is one of the most important activities that you can do for yourself.

Movement of your bodies is essential. Find the most supportive exercise for you and do this consistently. If it causes you discomfort initially it is because your body is coming to life – you will feel as the life force returns to your cells which, because it has been neglected, will respond by acknowledging the activity as it will, then gently settle down to being healed. Once the initial healing period is done, the process of building and strengthening the tissues will be one of joy within your body.

The most important work in all of this, however, is becoming quiet with Spirit every moment of every day and maintaining that contact throughout the day. When you purchase food, give thanks for it. Before you eat any food, bless it to your body after thanking the animal spirit (in the case of meat, chicken fish etc.) and thanking the Earth for the produce you receive from her. Bless the food to your body and make time at least 2x per day, to sit down and focus on the healing activity happening in your body, even if only for 5 minutes.

Some may choose to visualize this activity, whilst others may simply sit down and focus on the concept, bringing gratitude for this. You may choose also to use affirmations. There are various ways this can be done, some may choose to light a candle during meal times, say a prayer before exercising etc. Whichever way you wish to do this, if you enter into a partnership with the Divine within you, you can and will not fail. In fact, your healing and return to the blueprint of your creation will be seen by many as miraculous. This can however not be under estimated. We wish to recommend that you do it as a period / time of worship, literally living the process. Where you may be in a position where this could be a little difficult, you can still do much of the work, maintain the prayerful ways when eating – no matter what it is you choose to eat – and never give up doing all you are doing, in silent prayer. Return to your routine (always valuable) as soon as you return to your home – let this not become an excuse without a closing date!!

Call on us, beloved ones, for we will assist you in any way possible. It is not our task to do the work for you, but we may assist you, strengthen you, carry you when you doubt and encourage you when you fear – but ultimately, this is a challenge, a call to your Spirit, to your ego to succumb to the Love, Light and power of your Spirit. The time is now.