On Being The light for Others

Greetings Beloved One

We thank you for coming into the circle with us, for reaching out and for opening your space, if we may call it so, thus making you vulnerable. Many see you as a refuge, a place where they can be safe, one they can reach out to when they are battered by the winds of life. You are a beacon to many who negotiate their lives by the Light you shine, yet few stop to think that Lighthouses are most often built in the most uninhabitable of places – even though these are normally some of the most beautiful places on a coastline. They often stand alone, exposed to all the elements, the high and low tides of life, yet they keep shining, as long as their inner Light is tended. Those of you who are true Light bearers, who have a strong connection to the Light within you, are such, and very seldom reach out to others. Every Lighthouse needs a gentle touch from another’s hand from time to time, simply to let them know that their Light is still there, burning bright and bringing hope, but that they themselves need to be tended in order to fulfil this purpose.

Your children may have chosen to move beyond borders, to be with you energetically, but they do love you intensely and yes, your son is very strongly connected to you and would love to have you with him. That is simply a soul connection which is not bound by proximity, but by heart.

The raw beauty of the African continent and coast is what feeds your soul, your heart beating with its rhythm and, although you may all choose to blossom where you are planted, your roots on this continent go deep and like wattle trees, are interwoven below the surface, forming a formidable grid of Light and support for many. Having said that, each tree is still individual, is entitled to its own growth, its own fulfilment and its own destiny.

It is important that you understand that you need not do anything to take care of or nurture others. No matter how connected the root system is, each tree is still accountable for its own growth, and those who choose to share in your shade, do so by virtue of who you are, not what you do. Many who come into your company, partake of your Light, often traversing their own course for seeing the path open up in the Light which you share, to where their own paths wander off and they can then go forth with courage, knowing that you are always there, a beacon, a strength to assure them when they need it.

You have touched more lives than you are even aware of, for this is your nature. As one  enters the Crone stage, it is often appropriate for ones boundaries to become a little more pronounced in a subtle yet clear way. You reach a stage where your interaction with the Light within, that has sustained you for the longest time, becomes not so much a strong, guiding beam, but a subtle, soft glow within which many seek comfort, assurance that all is well and a sense of calm and tranquility. During this phase you will find that you not seek so much to teach, to support or to engage, but to simply share the wisdom of who you are over a cup of tea, your laughter, a hand at someone’s back, your presence a warm blanket in the cold of a dark night.

Think of the Lighthouses you have seen depicted around the world  – have you ever noticed that they are never overgrown, neglected, abandoned. No – they are always masterfully tended, lovingly maintained, most often by one dedicated to this task. In your life, you are both the Lighthouse and the keeper, tending the Light and the house, for the one without the other cannot stand. It is for this reason that you need to understand that you owe it to yourself to put yourself first. In that way your Light will always shine, the windows of your soul allowing you the strength and the clarity to be who you are, unhindered and unobstructed, your Light not diminished and obscured by your constant striving to make others happy.

When people learn that their one and only responsibility is themselves (except in the instance of minor children), finding and living their joy, not compromising or trying to make others happy at a cost to themselves, the world will be a much happier place. The majority of people upon this earth live on insufficient diets of leftovers, the crumbs off the tables of feeding others first, giving their essence to others, drinking the residue at the bottom of a then near empty glass, wondering why they have no energy, why they feel they are running on empty.

The truth is that each one of you, when you incarnate, do so to heal your own soul, to share the gifts of your soul lessons with others, thus inspiring them to do the same for their soul. You are not equipped to heal the soul of another, to learn their lessons for them or to grow on their behalf. By enabling others to shirk their responsibility on this earth, whether to their children, their family members, friends, partners or themselves, you disable their growth, becoming a stumbling block – beautifully packaged and promising – but a stumbling block none the less, exhausting yourself and blinding them.

Choose life, beloved one, for when you choose to embrace this life, the one you agreed upon and were equipped for before entering this space, all of Life is celebrated. Your Light shows others their own Light, but whether they choose to let it shine or to hide it under a bushel of doubt, denial, lack of accountability, selfishness, anger or fear, that is entirely their own choosing. There is not one person on this planet who is not equipped with an internal radar, an impeccable connection to their soul – there are no more excuses for each soul to return to the Light now – the Call loud, urgent, beckoning.

May you go in peace and Love, and find the courage within to live in alignment with your own North Star.