Amongst these essays you will find many and varied thoughts, teachings, musings and general meanderings through the landscape of my mind. There are times when it will make total sense as I allow my conscious mine to tap the vast and unlimited information available to all of us for insight, exploration and expansion, but at other times, you may get the feeling that you have haphazardly tumbled – in a total free fall – down the rabbit hole after Alice. Whichever it may be, you will find words, thoughts and concepts here that will inspire, challenge and or motivate you to contemplate the nature of your response to the material, and to hopefully act on it in a conscious and positive way.

As Aquarius, the playful, trusting and unconditionally loving energy beckons, we are all being enticed into a place of balance.These are not easy times, not a journey to be taken lightly, but how much longer can you ignore the siren song of your soul as it calls to you?

If you cannot accept the Love of God without constantly reminding yourself why you are not worthy of such love, how can you possibly even begin to accept love unconditionally from someone else?

When I tell someone that I love them, it is an affirmation that their presence in my life makes a difference, adds value and brings out something in me that makes me value myself and my life.

As we allow the brutally honest manifestation of Love that the Indigo Children are here to express, we will find a yardstick for truth and honesty that scrapes the bottom of our barrel of lies borne of false and outdated beliefs.

After the ordeal of giving birth, my mom slipped into contented sleep and woke, much later, to find me sitting upright next to the crib - nodding from time to time, but upright none the less. I was afraid you see, that my new baby brother may just go away.

Each and every one of us is currently being pushed to marry, within ourselves, our divine masculine and divine feminine in order for us to realize our divine child, living on this Earth with unconditional love, compassion, trust, faith and joy.

There are so many beliefs that we all hold on to for dear life. I can think of quite a few that I have been savoring, cradling them to my opulent bosom just in case someone was to come along and question them.