Q and A 30.08.2015

Greetings beloved children
As I greet you at this time I shall attempt to answer questions that has been brought before me through this forum. I shall endeavor to teach, as always, in order to inspire and uplift you that you may, in and of yourself, find the space within you from where you too will be comfortable in knowing the words : “Thy will be done”. This is ultimately where your journey will lead you, but until you reach that space, I trust that you will take care to enjoy every ‘leg’ of the journey.
I trust, my beloved Ones, that these words will offer you some challenges, that you may strive to find the answers and the resonance for the above within yourself, lifting you to a new level of knowing and a gentle sense of the Love of God which flows from us to you and from you to all whom you encounter.
Sat Nam
El Morya

There are many people presently channeling information from the guides and angels. Our questions are as follows :

1. Are people who channel message from guides and/or angels particularly gifted?
2. Why is it that there is, at times, a sense with some of the people that they simply are not able to resonate with the information given during a channel?
3. Could it be that two channels get conflicting information coming through regarding a specific question?
4. There is much speculation in the media at present about the life of Jesus the Christ. What was the purpose of the life of Christ on the planet and what are the most important lessons for us to learn from the teachings of Jesus?
5. Please speak to us about the challenges that many people are experiencing in relating to their families and friends. Is there any way in which one can help these people to better understand things?
6. Please explain to us the concept of ‘Love and Light’ as so often used nowadays
7. I have recently encountered what has been revealed to me as 'Twin Souls' - 2 souls or soul elements, residing within an incarnated being. Please can you clarify this?

1. Are people who channel message from guides and/or angels particularly gifted?
Please note that communicating with guides and/or angels does not in any way imply that a person is gifted. On the other hand, one has to explore the term gifted. Anyone who is able to take an aspect of life and develop it, is gifted. The gift lies not in the aspect that is either given or received, but in the response-ability of the person receiving it. The other issue that would need to be questioned, is what you call channeling. I know that you, Lleyya, are a clear channel for the information that we wish to share with you. You do this by means of writing, as is the case right now, by means of trance where we will use your voice box to project knowledge and information into the consciousness of those who are present or lucky enough to get the transcripts from you. You do however also channel every time you give people information in a so- called ‘reading’ or when you simply share your gut-feel with them. Sometimes, when you are centered and focused, you consciously become a channel for information that we communicate through you. The other times – the gut feel times – you work with us on a sub-conscious level.

This type of work is NOT unique to ANYONE and particularly not only to people who consciously choose to follow a spiritual path. The guides and angels communicate with and through everyone, whether they are street sweepers, nurses, prostitutes, teachers, healers, sangomas or farmers. The only difference between those who simply share what their ‘gut feel’ tells them and those who choose to consciously follow a path of spiritual devotion or practice such as meditation, is the intent to become quiet and familiar enough to allow the energy and or information through without all the veils constantly shrouding it in mystery or self doubt.

Self doubt is, however, something that has caused many a ‘channels’ to buckle under the weight of their processes. People who give from the gut feel, do not doubt, edit or question the information. Those who come to channel through intent, are very often on a path of personal development and spiritual growth. In this process, they will often revisit all their old doubts and fears, thus coming to question the validity of the information as well as their credibility or worthiness as a channel for the messengers of Spirit.

Let me be very clear on this!! You are not especially gifted and you are no more special than any other person. Some channel the healing energy of Spirit through their care giving, through nursing, by helping someone across a busy road, by putting down an extra R1.00 for someone who is short at the till, by providing security for family homes, by being police officers, by working as paramedics, by lifting people’s spirit through poetry and by smiling at someone who is all but tired and beaten as they step up to a till.

Channeling the energy of Spirit is quite simply sharing your unique gifts – whether it is care giving, hairdressing, poetry or anything else, with someone else as a matter of course on a daily basis – but doing it from a space of love. Performing your daily task out of love – that is channeling the Love of the Father Mother God.

We, as your teachers, have often found that people who have a penchant for writing, teaching and are gifted speakers are very good channels for us to use to convey particular messages in this particular format – whether it be in writing or through speaking. I suppose it is quite simply because this is the way that you would most effectively express yourself, just as the pictures on tarot cards are channeled by the Spirit teachers through the artists.

2. Why is it that there is, at times, a sense with some of the people that they simply are not able to resonate with the information given during a channel?
Oh my, I sense that this is a loaded question. It is loaded because there are various answers which come to mind. Let me, once again, be very clear that we are using people through whom we communicate. Never, under any circumstances, will we use people against their own wishes. We will therefore not dictate to you the means for the perfect murder, knowing full well that you are a pacifist. The information coming through will always be of a level relevant to the teachers who are communicating with you. There are many people who are channeling beings whom they are not familiar with, know nothing of and do not question. Let it be quite clear that there are many people who consider the art of channeling to be one that indicates a level or superiority in terms of the channel. These people will seek information to be channeled through them, without taking accountability for those they allow to come through or the information given.

When you have been working with Spirit for a length of time – and this length of time is often rather measured in intensity than in years – and have established a knowing, a sense of absolute trust and confidence in the Source of all Creation, then you will often find that you will surrender to teacher guides and angels who work with a very high vibration. If, however, you like the idea of channeling but are not particularly invested in doing the Spiritual work and being accountable for the information, you will always find souls in Spirit who will rise to the occasion. Did I ever tell you that all souls, just because they have passed over, do not become saints? Many choose not to move on, to learn but rather to stay connected to the Earth plane and to continue playing games. You have to be very careful of whom you trust in channel, you have to check the information against your own sense of knowing – and you have all been equipped with a measure of Truth which, incidentally, is located in your solar plexus or ‘gut feel’.

• Examine the issues to see why you are resisting the information – does it perhaps mirror an aspect of yourself that you do not wish to acknowledge or address?
• Run the information by your system of values and determine whether or not it is in conflict with your values. Check your values to establish whether they are true values or false beliefs
• Check to see whether you are standing in judgment of the person facilitating the channel due to a personal conflict.

Should none of these resonate with you, know that you need to walk away from this information. Only accept that which resonates with you on some level, whether comfortable or uncomfortable.

It is, sadly, true that individuals can and may choose to distort the information that is being given to them. It may be that they are uncomfortable with what is given, therefore they may choose to ‘edit’ it just a little – incorporating a bit of artistic license – thereby rendering it inauthentic and in many cases, misleading. Some may also interpret it according to their own frame of reference, once again leading to confusion and in many cases, disbelief.

You are the only one in your relationship with God. Go there, pray or simply ask for direction and it will always be given. You alone are accountable for the information you give, but more importantly, every individual is personally accountable for what they choose to do with the information that is presented to them. That then, brings us to your next question.

3. Could it be that two channels get conflicting information coming through regarding a specific question?
Information comes through each person based upon their level of consciousness. Based upon this, you will draw to you the guides who are most suited to teaching you and/or, through you, those who are drawn to be taught by you.
Let it be clear that every person is at a level that is right for him or her. No one, as we said earlier, is better or higher than another. You have all incarnated with the exact same access to information from the higher realms – the difference simply lies in how you choose to use the access available. Depending on your level of working with Spirit, you will access the answers to the questions asked. It reminds much the story of a boy who asked his father where he came from. The dad who is geographically orientated, will tell him that he came from Pretoria. The dad who is more technically orientated would simply say that he was born in a hospital, whereas the naturalist may explain the theory of a stork, the historian would relate the family tree, the biologist would go into the whole sperm and egg equation and the spiritualist would explain the previous incarnations, karma and contracts. So, depending on the guides that people have drawn to them and their level of information required, the answers will be brought to them.

I give another example. Should you require information about the changes of the Earth, you may encounter a teacher/channel who is a biologist and therefore seeking and accessing answers in relation to the biological status of the Earth, whereas geologists will tend to draw guides who have a better understanding of the gifts that the earth has to provide. The higher up they go in the ranks, the more these teachers will bring the whole of their knowledge into alignment with what is for the highest good of both the Earth and her people, and will communicate this to those who gather and seek their teachings. It is for this reason that it is imperative that you are discerning when you seek counsel with a spiritual teacher or channel. Get to know them or visit guides/teachers upon recommendation and also gut feel. Do not go and visit one of these people with an expectation without knowing what you are getting yourself into, and then turn around and criticize them. It is not for you to judge the work of another – it is simply for you to evaluate the information given and to be discerning in terms of its resonance or non- resonance in your own life.

Remember always that the most important factor in any work being done, is the intent of the person doing the work. Be clear on the intent of any Spiritual teacher whom you choose to visit, but more importantly, be very, very clear on your intent for seeking such counsel.

4. There is much speculation in the media at present about the life of Jesus the Christ. What was the purpose of the life of Christ on the planet and what are the most important lessons for us to learn from the teachings of Jesus?
Many masters have walked the Earth, yet Jesus carries the essence of the Love of God and the particular message of being the Son of God. Jesus was baptized as the Son of the Father Mother God, and came as a messenger of Love and hope. Jesus was the acknowledged and appointed manifestation of the Love of the Father Mother God upon the Earth, bringing the message that every person who chose to incarnate on this planet, came to be the image of the God force, the co-creators of this Universe and the expression of Love. Wherever Jesus walked, taught and ministered, he brought a message of Love and hope, of Life everlasting, of forgiveness and of compassion. Jesus came to the Earth to show every man, woman and child the incredible power of Love, the ability to overcome fear in the presence of Love and the ability to create a future of hope. Every person carries within him or her the seed of Divinity, the seed of creation, of Love. Jesus was the personification of this, and his presence on the Earth was to remind everyone, before and after him, of their unique talents and abilities as the Love of God made manifest. By following the example of Jesus, a world filled with Love and compassion would be created, a world where Love and forgiveness for one another would overcome the fears of loneliness, hopelessness, sadness and failure. There is no way that you can fail at life. You have contracted to come to this Earth, and in doing so you have fulfilled your contract. Living it to the full, recognizing and acknowledging the beauty of all of creation, that was what was required of Jesus and of you, as you come to realize the Christ – the Divinity within yourself.
Jesus came to this Earth to teach, above all, by his example. He came to teach that one cannot live both in the world and of the world. He came to teach that, in order for you to truly live the life of Light and Love, you have to embrace only that which will bring completion within you.

During the pagan times, the feminine energies of Love, compassion, passivity and sisterhood led to a disregard for the structures and teachings of balance, action, creation and growth. Each one of these aspects, when out of balance, becomes destructive. This we have taught you on many occasions. The time had come for the masculine energies to be raised through the period of the presence of movement of the sun through Pisces. These energies gave rise to new teachings introduced to the world, new lessons and new movement. A period of stagnation was being reached, and the masculine energies were to raise the consciousness in terms of new development and growth.

The teachings about the life of Jesus created much speculation and fear, and at the same time gave rise to the more patriarchal societies which sprung from that. Let it be known though that the death of Jesus, the crucifixion was to be a prophecy of the way the world would go and people would die if they were not to come into balance and harmony with all the world. The male energies ran unchecked, creating fear and destruction. This was what the world needed to see. Whenever the qualities of Love and Light, compassion and personal power are absent, where the feminine is without the balance of the masculine and vice versa, fear and anger will reign and death will ensue.

Jesus came to teach, to balance the energies and to show the way for many. The teachings of Jesus and many masters have been used to build religions and to show the way to many – the time has now come to follow the way to God, to draw upon the teachings of the Masters, but more importantly to seek their counsel in understanding how to find the Christ within, how to seek union with God and how to live your life in direct relationship with God.

The life of Jesus was one of service to those who incarnated during the times when the lessons were specific and the questions relevant to those times. The lessons that you have chosen, the choices that you are being required to make, speak of a whole new frame of reference.

Acknowledge the life of Jesus, learn from the lessons, but do not get caught up in them. Use the lives of those who have gone before, but more importantly, reach deep within yourself, for there lies the answers and the Love that you need to fulfill your own mission on the Earth at this time.

I trust, my beloved Ones, that these words will offer you some challenges, that you may strive to find the answers and the resonance for the above within yourself, lifting you to a new level of knowing and a gentle sense of the Love of God which flows from us to you and from you to all whom you encounter.

5. Please speak to us about the challenges that many people are experiencing in relating to their families and friends. Is there any way in which one can help these people to better understand things?
You are all having to come to realize that belonging with your biological families is not what you are here to do. Many of you are finding that the gap of dependency and need for belonging within your families is becoming wider. It is essential at this time that you should stand up for who you are, that you honor your Truth, but not that you dishonor yourself by getting caught up in the lower vibrations of those who surround you. Remember always not to take on the pain, the lessons or the anger of others, for then you become powerless and unable to support and or facilitate the processes of growth and healing for others.

Whenever you as highly vibrational energetic beings choose to lower your vibrations in order to provide friendship, comfort, support or compassion to those who do not consciously choose to ‘lighten up’, so to speak, you will find yourself robbed of energy, health, empowerment and the ability to stand in your Truth.

Whilst you are trying to make someone feel better because they are not able to improve their thoughts and choices, you disempower yourself. Not one of you are able to improve the fate of another, to uplift another or to change their destiny. Each individual must – and does – determine their own fate as a result of their thoughts and subsequent choices. Let it be clear, too, that as long as you choose to ‘make things better’ for another, you assume that where they are is not good. That is not so. Where they are is absolutely perfect for them, based upon the space that they are in at any given time, leading up to the choices that they make in order to learn the lesson provided by the situation. The other incorrect assumption that you make, is that you are able to effect change in the life of another. The moment they then choose a path different to that which you recommend or suggest, you tend to fall into a space of doubt and discomfort.

Become like a street lamp, for that is all you are, lighting the way, showing the potholes and imminent dangers, the road signs, the turn-offs and the T-junctions. That is all – just be – and let them be the drivers down the roads of their destiny.

How does one negotiate a difficult situation, such as the breaking up of a relationship or confronting unpleasant situations without hurting someone else? Is it better to walk away from such circumstances rather than to cause an unpleasant situation or risk being rejected?

Not one of you are beholden to anyone else. We have said and will continue saying that the world is changing and that anyone who does not live life for the highest good of themselves and the whole, will find their worlds turned upside down. None of you should tolerate anything or anyone in your lives with whom you do not feel totally comfortable. You know what makes you feel uncomfortable – you know what makes you unhappy, yet often you will not take responsibility for making decisions. There is no such thing as hurting another by being honest – for if you are not being honest, you are being dishonest and that implies the deepest betrayal possible. When the truth is spoken, it may create unhappiness for a short period before the healing begins, but by withholding the truth, you erode the power within yourself and all other parties involved. In the moment of truth lies the seed for healing and happiness, if both parties will only choose to accept that gift. Therefore, evaluate your life, see who adds value to it and who does not. If a person or situation is robbing you of your energy, your honesty and therefore your integrity, then you are selling your soul by being with them – and that will ALWAYS be too high a price – no matter who that person/s may be!

You all need to stop living according to the whims and moods of others. You all need to stop allowing people living their dreams, their fears, their anger, their wishes, their greed and their power struggles through you. They need to fund their own negative emotions, for as long as you are allowing these circumstances, you are no more than hosts to their emotional fungi.

Take control of your lives, take control or your dreams and take control of your destiny. You may have to sacrifice something in the process, but no sacrifice is as big as sacrificing your soul! Stand in your Truth that you may become empowered.

Let us explain something : There are many powerful people on this Earth. You will often find that those whom you consider powerful, have been living all their emotions through those around them, drawing upon the anger, fear, lack of knowledge and lack of faith in all of you, including the community in which they stand, to gain power over everyone else involved in this process. There is, therefore, no doubt that they are very powerful, for they get power from all of you!
Looking at their ability to get people to work with them, respect them and respect themselves, one has to question whether this power is worth having, for it does not appear to make them happy. When you look at someone who is truly empowered, you will find that these people are totally at peace with themselves, they do not have to capitalize on the weakness of others and they do not need to forge alliances with others. They are quite simply respected by those around them – respected for who they are, for the wisdom that they always share by their mere presence and by their unconditional compassion for others, the earth and all the other kingdoms. Someone who is truly empowered, will manifest their dreams without expecting of others to sacrifice theirs. People who seem powerful, will always be in control of others, and those who need control over others, are in fear. You cannot be in fear and in Love at the same time. People who are empowered, operate from a place of Love.

This is the difference. Where do you stand?

6. Please explain to us the concept of ‘Love and Light’ as so often used nowadays
These two qualities, Love and Light, is the most accurate way to summarize the way of the Father Mother God, Wankan Tankan, The All That Is. These two words epitomize the energy that is ever present, and experienced by you, when the presence of the Father Mother God is acknowledged.

Let me clarify that statement before we continue : The Father Mother God, the Angels and your guides are all ever present. The fact that you do not acknowledge their presence, or that you are so busy embracing other ‘gods’ at any given time, does not mean that they are not there. Many a times you have been told that God is with you always, you simply need to ’turn in’ to see that. God will never turn his/her back on you, in fact, that is not possible for the God-force resides within you – it is you who turn away, pursue avenues outside of you where you cannot always see the Light, and then forget the presence that is with you eternally – in your center.

The Light of the Father Mother God is, to some extent, the Light of reason. When you acknowledge the presence of the Father Mother God in your life, your actions will always reveal that. You will not allow yourself to get carried away, to become fearful and to panic. You will not need to visit the valleys of destruction and desolation. The Light that we speak of will always illuminate the areas which appears dark, for there is no such thing as darkness – there is only an absence of Light. Even in the darkest night, there are stars and the ever present, gracious moon to light the way. There is NO darkness that can and will not be penetrated by the Light. The Light that we speak of embodies many qualities, such as courage, determination, faith and reason.

The moment that you pray for the presence of God in a situation, you are praying for the Light of God, or the Light of reason, to shine upon the situation that all who may be affected by the circumstances, may see the enlightened way which may emerge from such a situation, the hidden opportunities, the way of the heart (which is ALWAYS the best way), the courage that is needed to negotiate the situation, THE STRENGTH WITHIN WHICH WILL ALWAYS CARRY YOU THROUGH. That is what it means to pray for Light. When you ask for the Light, you are simply asking for the way to your center, the place of your connection to the All that Is, the inner knowing, not the outer knowledge – the space of eternal wisdom. This Light, when turned upon your fears, your sorrow and your doubts, will allow you to see that there is so much more that is beautiful, so much more to live for, so many other choices to be made that those you perceive in the spaces where Light is absent.

Having said all of this, however, let it be clear that there is darkness, that there are forces at play in this world who will strive to turn your attention away from the Light, who will show you options, who will tempt you and turn you away from your inner knowing, from the call of your soul, from the Light that flows through you eternally.

Know, without question, that the Light is within you and that all searching outside of yourself for answers, for courage, for relief, will be in vain. Turn your search inside, and you will find there the Light, the spark of Divinity that will always remind you that you are a being of Light, a child of God, an undeniable part of the All that Is.

The Love of God is a different story altogether. It is not the soft, gooey, moonlight and roses stuff which you all so love. It is a deep inner knowing that you are loved beyond reason, beyond that which you know as sin, beyond the bodies that you so strongly identify with. The Love of the Father Mother God allows you, when it is flowing through you, to know your own divinity and, in doing so, to see the divinity, the wonder of every other creature in this living universe. The Love of God will empower you to see the beauty in the most fearful moments, the fear of your perpetrator, the doubt of your enemy, the anger of your opponent. It is the Love that will allow you to see the Light, even if it is a faint glimmer, within everyone and everything you encounter. Even in the most solid rock will you find Light – let the crystals always be a reminder of this for you, for many people are like rocks – hard, solid, unyielding and not necessarily attractive. Every rock, however, has its purpose – whether it is there to stop erosion of your values, to remind you of your strength, to direct the flow of water or to stop you in your tracks when you bump against it – and many a rock, when it succumbs to pressure and is cracked open – will reveal the most exquisite beauty hidden deep within. This is the gift of Love – and more importantly, the Love which you speak of when you speak of Love and Light. It is this Love that allows you to find the purpose of the rock, to love it, not for its obvious beauty or lack thereof, but for the gifts of learning that it brings into your life. Now, let us be honest here – you do not necessarily wish always to stand still by the rocks! You may not see the beauty of the rocks (or the perpetrators, opponents, assailants) in your life. You may look at them with scorn, with anger, with fear and with doubt. This is pretty much a part of the human experience – it is one of the so-called purposes of your life. Yes, you heard me – you do not have one only.

The purpose of your life, in terms of Love, is to allow it, completely, to flow through you unconditionally. The moment you can surrender to the Love that flows through you in the name of the Father Mother God, your life will change. In that moment you will look in the mirror and see this Love reflected in the Light that will emanate from your center. You will be touched by the sacred beauty of your illumined soul, and through this experience, all else will be beauty. Through this reflection of Love you will not be able to look at anything in the same way. True it is that you will want to bring your human reasoning to the situation. You will say – as you more often than not do – “yes, but….” You will, through your own fear and the power that you think you get from anger, want to align yourself with the dark thoughts, for this is your habitual being. But, as long as you acknowledge and affirm the presence of the Love of God in your life, as long as you choose every day to give thanks for this Love in your life, the Light will shine on those dark corners of your life, gradually breaking down your resistance to Love, and is it does, you will begin to Love yourself. When you come to love yourself only 1/1000 of a fraction of the Love that God has for you, your life will change irreversibly!

“Why?” you ask of me…. Because, my beloved, when you love yourself as you are loved, you will see yourself as the beauty that you are. You will see yourself as a magnificent, pure and shining crystal cluster. You will see your beauty, your highs and your lows, none more beautiful than the other, you will see the splendor of your existence and, above all, you will see the dust and the cobwebs that gather, hiding your beauty, every time you speak in anger, every time you judge or criticize another, every time you bring pain or resentment to a situation – every single time you allow yourself to be anything but the beauty you are destined to be. Whenever you allow any of these emotions into your life, it is like allowing free radicals into your spirit, allowing them to eat away at you, your life and your birthright – the Light of Love that shines from your very being.

Let us be clear on this – you have all heard of the Law of Attraction. You all know that you attract that which you put out. You all should know by now, that your thoughts create your reality. Given this, let it be quite clear then that when you block the flow of Love and the subsequent flow of Light in your body and in your life, you will also block the flow of abundance. Abundance on every level of your life, is your birthright. It is what you came to this life to experience. Therein lies the next so called ‘life purpose’. The ability to create abundance by allowing the Love and Light of God to flow through you, thereby being the abundant spirit you incarnated to be. As you become this, an undeniable part of the All that Is, the abundance of the Universe, you will have access to all that is – and therefore all that you are and deserve. Abundance, once again, will not be seen as something outside of yourself which you have to attain, it will be a part of you, a part of the All that Is, that you are entitled to by virtue of your knowing who you are – and you will simply enjoy it. Yes, you will enjoy it. Claiming it, as you are taught, is simply an exercise to help you to recognize and realize this.

As truly powerful, spiritual beings, you need to understand that your thoughts are all powerful. It is imperative therefore to understand the ability of your thoughts to hurt or heal others. Every single negative word or thought (and your words flow from your thoughts) carries the potential to hurt another. The ONLY thing that will protect the other person or you, if you are the one receiving the negative thoughts, is the Light and Love – and through that the Knowing – that you are a perfect child of God. The moment that this knowing is absent, that there is not complete faith in this Love, doubt and fear will create weakness in your Spiritual armor, allowing the fear, doubt and concept of darkness to grow in your mind, creating more of exactly that in your thoughts and therefore in your life. When you say to someone that you will send them Love and Light, what you are saying is that you will hold them in the Light and Love which is ever present in your life. You are telling them that you will send Loving thoughts to them, asking their Spirit to allow the Love and the Light of Spirit to flow through them. That, my beloved, is all you can do. In doing so, you will empower their spirit, you will strengthen their resolve to let Love and Light through them – but that is all. More than that you cannot do. It is, ultimately, their choice how they wish to live their lives and to what extent they will surrender to the process. This does NOT, however, mean that the work you do, the Love and Light you project unto them with your thoughts and intent, is wasted. Every time you do this, you assist their Spirit in prompting them to surrender to the Light. Every time you ‘send’ them Light and Love, they will experience a surge in their energy, they will feel a gentle warmth, like a caress, upon their spirit. Be clear, however, that they may or may not recognize or acknowledge this, but this does not mean that they do not experience it. For this reason, be reminded once more, that you should not do this for recognition, as the other person may not recognize or acknowledge it – and if your purpose was to be recognized or to be acknowledged for the work done – you may feel pretty let down.

Know, without question, that you are not the universal director of Light. You are a channel – all of you – for the Light and Love of the Father Mother God. Know therefore that it is quite a selfish thing to do, this sending of Light, for whenever you ask or pray for Love and Light for another, you are invoking the power of the Love and Light which resides in your center and is powered by the Love of God, to flow through you and to enable you to send thoughts or energy of pure Love and Light to another. Why then, may you ask, do I call that selfish? For you cannot do that without benefiting from the Love and Light yourself. Every time you invoke this powerful Love and Light, every time you ask the Father Mother God to ‘amplify’ this energy within you in order to bring Light, Love and Healing to another, you too will benefit from this heightened activation, influx and flow of universal energy and move eternally closer to the Love and Light that is your essence.

7. I have recently encountered what has been revealed to me as 'Twin Souls' - 2 souls or soul elements, residing within an incarnated being. Please can you clarify this?
At the outset, beloved ones, let me make it quite clear that this time is unique - there is no parallel for the circumstances which you will start seeing from now on. Every soul that has incarnated to see through this and assist with the ascension of the planet and the beings upon it, has a truly unique contract that is completely unparalleled in your realms. It is for this reason that circumstances as the one described by you now, is being revealed now. The concept of 'walk-ins' have been revealed to you before now, and I do believe that we cannot answer this question without brief return to that.

Many souls have contracted to enter the Earth plane in order to assist with the ascension process, although they did not, as highly evolved beings, need to experience the birthing process and Earth walk. In such instances, these souls came in with a predestined contract to exchange the incarnation – the soul that incarnated through birth, in other words, will exit when its earth experience is complete, allowing the new soul energy to enter in order to complete the work of the ascension. These experiences, the same as the Twin Soul concept, is unique at this time, for it takes place when the need for healing and preparation for the ascension exceeds the abilities of those incarnate at any given time.

The call which has gone out for assistance with the healing of the planet resulted in many beings working with the planet and therefore in accelerated vibration. The souls incarnate are not always willing or able to adjust to these vibrations, as that was not part of their initial contract. These agreements are then made – and let it be clear that some of the agreements in terms of walk-ins were made on a soul level after the incarnations of a soul, when a soul may have heard ‘the call’ – for the exchange of the body for the purpose of working on a higher vibration. It has been said that a soul will ‘search’ for the body of someone who wishes to terminate their earth contract, such as a suicide victim. Let it be known that these exchanges are never done at a whim – as with any incarnation, the process is driven by the higher beings who are overseeing all the processes, and no evolved soul ‘goes out looking for a body to inhabit’! Twin souls, on the other hand, agreed to this co-habitation prior to the incarnation.

Many souls have chosen to incarnate as twin souls, thus being two souls - one with a 'material' purpose and one with a 'soul or spiritual' purpose. Where this has been the case, the so-called ‘material’ soul came in to complete the karmic processes required for the healing of the soul. When we refer to ‘soul’ here, we are referring to the over-soul, not simply the personality which belongs to a specific soul or as considered by some, soul group. This soul will then go through the process of healing and completing any karmic connections which it had with the personalities drawn to it in this lifetime. These lives will have been either exceptionally easy – with complete support and learning for all concerned – or, more often than not, exceptionally difficult.

The co-habitation of the ‘spiritual’ soul – thus implying a soul with a higher spiritual purpose (as opposed to be more spiritual than another – which is not possible) will always hold the personality through these sometimes excruciating times. Although any people who experience this phenomena will have played with the idea of death and or suicide, they will always have found that the appropriate spiritual teachers or encounters will have stayed them upon the chosen road and redirected them to new lessons and experiences.

Now, however, the time has come for all to fully embrace their spiritual path, irrespective of what that may be, as those who had not specifically accepted a path as facilitators of the new dawn and who have not heard the call, will be doing so within the next 8 moons – thus resulting in much pain and sorrow, cleansing and healing, shedding the worldly and accepting the ‘heavenly’. This means that those who have contracted to be facilitators, have to finalize their worldly and emotional connections in order to move into their chosen roles, thus enabling them to assist the souls who will come to them, searching for assistance, healing, direction, Love and Light.

Before I continue, let me explain the term ‘material’. We are not referring to money or financial abundance, but simply to your being on the earth plane and dealing with matters which, until now, you have not considered spiritual, or that has hampered your journey towards Spirit. What, may you ask, are these matters. In a nutshell, as you would say, it is anything that is not born of complete, unconditional love - anything therefore which is in any way loaded with or by fear, resulting in anger, greed, judgment, aggression, deception, betrayal, lust, etc. Let it also be known that many currently traversing this earth, appear to be calm, loving and beautiful souls, yet they become ill, plagued by sorrow and ill fate. These people are normally ones who appear to love and serve unconditionally, but turn the above emotions and traits against themselves, acting in this way out of anger, betrayal, aggression, judgment, etc. towards themselves. Now that the time has come for the soul with the spiritual purpose to fully stand in its power, the soul with the material purpose will complete its Earth walk and return to the soul in order to continue the healing thereof. The soul with the spiritual purpose is here to serve, to move forward unencumbered by the emotional issues of the past, to connect with its previous experiences and to walk on this planet as beautiful, humble ‘power stations’, together with other spiritual teachers and healers’ for those who will soon be looking for healing and assistance.

These souls will, however, experience a sense of loss, loneliness, lack of direction, desolation, depression, death etc. They will feel the loss of the twin soul, they will fear the loss of their loved ones, not understanding that what they are sensing is the loss of a part of themselves (not unlike the loss of a biological twin), not of another person within their circle. This period of discomfort may take a time, sometimes as much as 6 to 12 moons, until such time as they understand the process. With understanding will come immediate acceptance of themselves in a beautiful, humble way – and then, only then, will the healing start. When this happens, great understanding will come to them, their past will no longer seem alien, they will understand their sense of not belonging and will be able to see those whom they loved yet felt ‘strange’ around, with compassion and gratitude for facilitating the process of their spiritual growth. It is important to note that the lessons and ‘hardship’ of the material soul is an invaluable teacher for the spiritual soul, as it will equip the soul with the spiritual purpose to draw from the wisdom, embedded in the DNA of the soul, when assisting others during the work to come.

Many of the souls who have chosen this experience will find themselves truly challenged during these processes. In order to facilitate and calibrate these energy shifts, we recommend the following – and note, all who are aspiring to a higher vibrational level of living or who are struggling to incorporate their daily living into their spiritual being (note the switch!!!!!) – may consider:

* Immediately address your diets – ensure that your diet is for the highest good of your body – we are not asking that you give up what you enjoy, but, as above, that you shift the focus. No longer include healthy foods in your otherwise crazy diet, rather indulge in the odd bit of crazy within your normally healthy diet.
* Exercise regularly. This will assist in grounding the spiritual energy in your body, allowing the adjustment of the vibrational levels within your physical structure and also ensuring that there is harmony between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being.
* Drink water – plenty of healthy water (as pure as possible), charged with the energy of crystals that you relate to and have identified as your protectors, teachers or guiding tools.
* Work with the crystals – you will instinctively be drawn to an array of crystals – carry them with you to protect you and to equalize the energies for you when you visit different places, allow them to enhance your instinctive knowledge, have them next to your bed, use them to charge the water you drink – they are powerful allies at a time when you need them as much as they need you. Remember that by cleansing and charging a crystal, you also cleanse and enhance the power of the mother crystal – be accountable always for the way you work with these precious tools.
* Use the various teaching modalities introduced to the world at present – from the colored oils – and there are many – to specific musical instruments, light technology for healing, etc.
* Re-establish an interaction with the Earth Mother by working with herbs and plants in all their various forms, i.e. herbal medicines, magickal intent (always for the highest good of all), essential oils, flower remedies etc.
* Ensure that you establish patterns for rest – set aside at least one day every week during which you limit physical and specifically intellectual activities, sleep often and make time to get adequate sleep during these periods.
* Dress adequately – your dress must reflect the joy and respect you feel for your body and your spirit, as it projects your self esteem into the world, creating for others a safe space within which to be. The majority of you are unaware of the impact your appearance has on other people – and I do not refer to those who wish to judge or criticize you. Your appearance is the advertisement, window dressing and also healing space from which you operate! In addition, your dress must cater for the well-being of your body, ensuring adequate protection against the elements which will, within the near future, challenge many aspects of life on the planet.
* Seek the company of like-minded people. Spending time with people who make you feel exhausted, requires of you to explain yourself or to apologize for any aspect of who you are or what you stand for, is simply not serving you any more. You will need that energy to keep yourself balanced within the world and to be there for those who truly seek your knowledge, compassion and wisdom.
* Meditate – make every activity one of being in harmony with Spirit. Open your mind and heart to speak and listen, for we communicate with you in every aspect of your day and world – doubt that never.

May Love and Light be your striving, always.