Essence of a Woman

Beloved One
Time it is for me to speak to you, and in this day I shall speak about the role and power of women.

The role of women in spiritual traditions have been important for many, many centuries – lifetimes and civilizations, in fact. The male and female cycles which you see now have played themselves out before. Where do you think the so-called gods and goddesses come from? They did not always rule the Earth together as popular mythology will have you believe. Myths are exactly that!

Women are the energy that provides the basis for all creation. It is true that, to fully create, a complete balance of male and female energies are needed.

The feminine energy is the passive energy. It is creation, potential, beauty, confidence and serenity. The feminine energy knows its own power, understands the passing of time, the role it has in the Universe -and opens itself up, is a receptacle for purity and potential, inviting only that which will ultimately lead to fulfilling her destiny.
The role of the feminine has become obscured, where there used to be a calm assuredness there is now restless fear and uncertainty, a need to prove and provide, a desire to be active rather than passive.
Being passive does not mean inactive – it simply means being quiet at the core. The most powerful women, whether the warrior woman Xena or the politician, can only fully achieve what they need to by being passive – calm and serene – in their core.

Their beauty is always the place of serenity from where they operate – not the place of action. A truly powerful woman sources her calm contentment in the knowingness that she is the raw energy, the potential within every situation – and that it is her right to determine the active energy, whether from insider her center of balance or from outside of her – the energy of male action and completion.

A woman who is balanced within herself knows, embraces and loves her male energy, who is at peace with this aspect of herself, is a power beyond fear and uncertainty. She is the one who can look in the mirror and know, without ego, her own beauty, for it is the male aspect, when whole and in harmony with the feminine, that recognizes the beauty inherent in the feminine, that acknowledges the subtle nuances of the power of the love of self.

A balanced woman, as we said before, is serene, content and beautiful. One who is seeking the male, who is underdeveloped and weak within herself, will seek constant approval from men outside of herself, whether they be from a father, brother, friend, husband or lover. She will compromise the ‘self’, sell out who she is, betray herself and move from one male to another in search of her own male energy. In her search she will meet all her shadows, all the aspects of her broken male, in order to understand who she has become and where she needs to be going. The woman who understands this, has started the journey towards healing.

There are, of course, those women who find the men who represent their true selves. They find those people totally irresistible, loving their gentleness, their pure, calm core and their deep, quiet strength. They are so in awe of this recognition that they may live for years before they recognize these qualities in their reflection, thereby allowing these men to become whole by fully coming into their own feminine power in a relationship that is safe and sacred, as their own male power and energy comes into its full realization.

I am the Ascended Master Lord El Morya
and I greet you in Love