Channel on Joy

Greetings, Beloved ones, on this blessed day.

Feel now, as the light flows gently, yet powerfully, flowing amongst all, touching all, bringing blessings of joy and love in unbounded volumes to those who seek knowledge without even thinking of it.

Many, when touched by joy, recognize it not and run from it in confusion, creating discord as they run.

Pure joy – just flowing - creates ripples of energy, bringing emotions to the fore which is unrecognized by many who have forgotten this core energy. So accustomed are people to superficial experiences which indicate lack, that when a void is filled, no matter with what, the energy is that of resistance. So happy – for lack of a sensible word – are most people with emptiness, that they seek no further. For even experiencing joy requires letting go of ‘not doing’ and apathy. Once you have recognized joy, you cannot turn back – joy will NOT let you go, and you can never, ever again deny its existence. Denial of joy inevitably leads to pain.

Mankind has become so accustomed to seeking joy in what they consider the ‘big things’, the things that they think will make either them or others sit up and take notice, that the little joys of love, the things that truly touches ones soul, goes unnoticed, unappreciated and is then allowed to create a sense of emptiness where once it has flowed.

Open your lives, your minds and your hearts, simply allow joy to flow through you. Let it fill your being, let it touch your soul – let it flow from you to others, lighting the way for those who are so accustomed to not knowing, to not understanding, to wanting more. When you are in pain, acknowledge the joy that you have lost, that which has caused the pain – for even recalling this joy, will once again touch your soul. When you are in the closing phase of a relationship, remember the joy, initially, that filled the void in your heart when you saw this person unexpectedly, the joy of touch, of laughter and of a moment shared – acknowledge this, for in doing so, you cannot help but be touched by the joy which now, for you, may only be a memory, but by recalling it, it will become a memory of healing, of compassion and of forgiveness – not only of the other person but also of yourself.

True joy is the ability to let go and Let God – allowing the light of true beauty – your soul, to flow through you and bring compassion to all of life’s challenges.

I am the Lord El Morya
and I greet you In Love