Q & A - 15 August 2015

*Financial Security
*Natural Disasters
*Presence of souls who have crossed over
*Omnipresence of Angels

Financial Security is an issue on a worldwide scale. What currencies are safe and which are not?
At the outset, let us be very clear that there are no guarantees about anything either happening or not happening. You ask about finances, and we have to tell you that even now, as we give this information to you, there is major uncertainty as to the route many countries will take. Where there is a group consciousness which supports greed, power, money for power over others, abuse or general lack of integrity, those countries and their people will be compromised. We can take this even further and say that, where people are dealing with banks that are unethical in their dealings, and they choose not to stand up for their rights in the face of gross abuse or lack of integrity, they are subscribing to the practice either the country (where applicable) or the bank/institution that they are supporting through their silence.

Having said that – many will be challenged on the concept of power being outside of yourself – ego stuff. You so eloquently teach the concept of EGO = Everything Good is Outside. Now it is time to see this in relation to the currencies of the world and peoples absolute fear of losing it. It is not the money that is the problem – it is people’s faith in and fear of losing money that causes their pain.

Therefore it remains difficult to reply to such a question, as it matters not where you put or invest your money – if that is your security and you invest it from a place of fear, it could be jeopardised by a rogue investor, a sudden ‘run’ on funds or an international collapse. When it comes down to owning your power as an internal source rather than external, the lesson will be brought, no matter how ‘safely’ you may have believed you invested it.

It is time to make decisions based on faith and trust in a knowingness that you are always provided for – you always have been and you always will be – although it may not be in the way you wish or expect, yet it will ALWAYS be in absolute alignment with your highest good.

Many Lightworkers are reporting that natural disasters have been averted, yet my guidance indicates that the natural phenomena will occur, but that our level of consciousness or experiential choices will determine our awareness of these.

How can we know where people will be safe in the world?
Another interesting question which you on our beloved Earth will find frustrating and difficult to deal with. There is no safe place on your planet, yet everything and everywhere is exactly right for your soul path.

We cannot tell you that it would be safe to be in Washington DC, The Drakensberg, South Africa, Israel or the Phillipines, for if there is a natural disaster and it is your soul journey to embark on that experience, you will find yourself on holiday in exactly that spot.

Furthermore, if it is the journey of your soul to depart at any given time – meaning that your soul/higher consciousness has acknowledged a certain time of departure, that is what will happen – so, whether you are at the location of a natural disaster, in a crime situation or experiencing illness, your soul will do what it needs to in order to fulfil its contract. No level of fear of a person – or those caring for one – can change this agreement. Soul agreements are made out of pure love and is always based upon an agreement by the personality or aspect of the soul and the higher consciousness or soul.

Many now ask about safe places in the world – let it be clear that living on the slopes of an active volcano is no more dangerous than living in an area overrun by criminal activities, being addicted to harmful chemicals or living a fast paced life where you drive your vehicles in an irresponsible manner at – literally – break neck speed! In South Africa, you may feel totally safe in Johannesburg if you were to believe that a coastal city will be destroyed by water, whereas the people in the coastal cities may feel totally safe away from Johannesburg which is considered the crime capital of the country. The truth depends on a) where you are standing and b) what your stand is . . . now, go figure!

What is it that you truly fear – death, dying or not knowing and therefore feeling out of control?

When a soul, who has been tormented in this world, passes over due to suicide, what is their soul experience and are they immediately healed?

It is imperative that you understand that various circumstances can and does prevail when a soul passes over. The concept of free will is not one that is limited to the Earthly experience, therefore you may find that people may hold on to their earth-bound pain even after they have transited to a higher consciousness.

Many souls seen as being ‘stuck’ or Earthbound have, although received as every soul is in unconditional love, become so entrenched in their fear and pain and are clinging so dearly to their need to control their circumstances or change the people around them, that they are unable to accept the love shown to them. Choosing suicide is literally like forcing their will on their soul, just as they are trying to force circumstances on this Earth to fit with their consciousness, rather than trying to surrender to love – of themselves and others and therefore coming to a place of forgiveness. Every single soul who commits suicide, does so out of anger – either with themselves for their perceived failure, or with others for failing, according to them, the person who has passed on.

Just as souls who die of a drug overdose does not always know that they have actually passed on and have to then be guided to this knowledge, so souls who are truly tormented with emotional pain, have to be guided back to trusting and accepting the unconditional, unspeakable love that envelops them on their journey once they arrive.

A soul is either incarnated – in flesh – or in Spirit. It can and does happen that the soul may experience out of body encounters, but depending on the type of experience, whether chemically induced, near-death experiences, achieved through meditation and or other forms of such experimentation, they will return to it with some sense of what has taken place, whether clearly or in a confused state. Once the soul makes the permanent transition, however, they will move through what is seen as a passage of Light into a place of immense beauty and wonder. Those who have had the privilege of visiting this realm and then returning to their bodies, have reported its magnificence in awe and wonder. On the other hand, though, those who so desperately cling to the physical, earthly reality, tend to become stuck in the passage, literally wandering in what seems like a time and space capsule. From this realm they are able to see that which is happening on the Earth, and in many instances, having the advantage of the expanded sight and consciousness, they are able, as spirit beings, to interact and ‘visit’ those whom they have left behind, but without the ability to have any real influence or effect on them.

It is true that upon passing through the tunnel of transition, a person will experience a life review. This does happen to every soul, although the passing through experience is not set in stone and therefore exactly the same for each soul. Many of the souls who transition whilst in a state of emotional trauma – by whatever means – become extremely remorseful when they see the effects of their lives and actions, including their ‘death’, on their loved ones. Nothing is as it seems – in Spirit realm the life spent on the earth plane is merely a fraction of the soul’s experience, yet many souls, once again, need to be compassionately guided to this consciousness in order to realize that this is of no lasting importance and that ‘forgiving’ simply is a process for giving the other person’s power and soul fragment that they have been ‘holding on to’ since their life encounter was entered into, back to them to enable their healing.

Many counselors and Light workers propose the release of these souls to those who have stayed behind, teaching that their grief keeps the soul passing on ‘Earth bound’. This is a rather complex situation, for when requesting this, one is not asked to let go of that soul and to no longer consider them, send them love or grieve for them – one is simply asked to allow that person to continue with their process by not expecting them to constantly be around, change ones reality or live up to one’s expectations of them. Many of these souls feel that those loved ones left behind expect of them to make them feel better, and if they have felt responsible for a person whilst in their bodies, this may still lean heavily on them if they are already struggling to surrender to their process. To be truthful, the sooner that soul chooses to let go, the sooner they can be healed and interact in a much more meaningful manner with those whom they love.

It may be interesting for you to know that children who pass over more often than not have absolute clarity about the circumstances that they have left behind and are therefore very often able to give pure, unconditional guidance within a matter of ‘earth’ days of their passing. They have no fear of what you in physicality call ‘death’ and they have no hesitation in moving forward. This can be ascribed to the fact that they have not yet become entrenched in the physical reality of fear, manipulation, greed, need for acceptance and acknowledgement and fear based principles. The children passing over at this time are children who were very clear upon entering this realm that they would be leaving and that their work on this plane would be short-lived. For this reason, many of them are either described as very difficult, highly sensitive and powerful souls, whilst others are described as very gentle, caring and wise souls. They came to this earth either to be Love or to be Lessons in Love – but every one of these children will have brought specific circumstances that profoundly touched the lives of those who shared their story. Please be clear then that when children choose to honor their contract and pass through, they do so in absolute surrender and joy, completely accepting the wonder of Love and grace that is the soul-right of every soul returning home.

To return to the question of suicide – no soul is cast into the depth of despair – the concept that all is one is without hesitation true. These souls may, however, be guided to accept healing which may involve very powerful re-visitations of their earth walk, their emotions of the most recent and past lives and the contracts they came here to fulfil. This is not an easy process – whether on the Earth plane or in the higher realms. Experiences on these planes are very much clearer, sharper and detailed than you experience them with your ‘limited’ senses. Because only 5 senses have been identified by human beings, anything beyond that is classified as ‘6th sense’, which really is quite misleading as there is so much more to energy that you cannot even begin to measure. For this reason, the ‘de-briefing’ or review process, is either excruciating or enlightening, depending on that souls perception. We can however assure you that it is, without question, extremely intense. Furthermore, we will tell you also that a soul who has chosen this way of completing their Earth Walk, will be required to repeat it, confronting the same contracts as the ones which they did not honor in this lifetime. Also be aware that one who was unable to deal with emotional pain in this lifetime, may be given physical pain on the next journey – all depending on the contracts and core wounds that need to be addressed.

In closing, allow us to assure you that, although initially a soul is allowed to plot his own journey after the homecoming, no soul is ever alone, judged or cast out – each soul, whether incarnated on your beautiful planet or here in this land that forgot about time, is eternally held in Light and Love and supported on their way back to the ultimate healing of the soul.

How is it possible that a soul who has passed over, can be present with more than one person at any given time?

It is important to understand that the soul is pure, unlimited energy. There is not only one soul, but each soul has MANY fragments, thus experiencing ‘life’ in many dimensions or on many different planets at any one time. Because a soul is energy, it is not at all limited to a body, but literally is exactly there where its thoughts go. We have often tried to explain this concept to you on the Earth walk, yet many of you – the majority in fact – still grasp the concept of your thoughts being more powerful than anything you do, for what you do is limited to the space-time phenomena and therefore to your physicality and that of the world around you. Your thoughts, on the other hand, are not limited at all – where your thoughts go, the energy flows.

It is for this very reason that we have so often cautioned you all to be very much aware of your thoughts and subsequent feelings, or vice versa. If you are angry with a person and you constantly think angry thoughts about them, you can and may cause a negative shift in their energy field. When you consider the concept of magic being done ‘against’ someone, you are directing negative energy at another person with the intent to do harm. If this person is comfortable in their energy and with their life, the chances of them being affected by such ‘magic’ are quite slim, however, if that person is dealing with anger, loss, sadness, grief, fear or any other negative emotion, they may be particularly susceptible and vulnerable to such acts of magic. Now, many of you frown upon the concept of doing magic against another – or of doing magic at all, not realizing the magic of your thoughts. Just as you are able to do distance healing, so are you able to do distance damage! When you are constantly thinking angry, vengeful thoughts about another person, you are, inadvertently, doing magic – the determining of whether it is black or white magic, determined only by the quality of your thoughts. This is what happens if you live ‘’unconsciously’’ – you send energy vibrations into the world that a)has the potential to be harmful to another and b) even more alarming, will, without any question or doubt, be returned to you, for that is the nature of energy and one of the laws of nature – what you put into the world will always be returned to you. Now, if that does not get you thinking. . .

How can an angel, such as Archangel Michael, be present with all persons – let alone the ones who call to him – at all times?

You know that we are all one – there is not one who is separate from the other. I am present within each of you, every one of the archangels, every angel, is represented in your energy field as you are in ours, for we are all one –and the truth is that like attracts like. If you call for the truth, the truth will be shown to you. If you call for Archangel Michael, I will be shown to you.

What does that mean? It means that every aspect of me that is present in you and in your life, will come to the front and take the hand of your higher consciousness and together we will lead you to where you need to be. Get beyond me being an angel flying around somewhere, for that is not who we are. That is how we manifest and yet there are certain characteristics in the universal energies that we carry. You know as well as I do that it has been proven that our wings cannot carry us – we do not fly. Our wings are a symbol of Lightness, an aspect of us, for if our arms were to enfold you it would be a loving gesture, but our wings is not a gesture, it is Love in its entirety. So when you speak to us you do not speak to some entity sitting next to the throne of the Father Mother God who, by the way, does not sit on a throne waiting to honour or judge, but you speak to that aspect of us that is present in your life and in your environment. In some ways you can say that our energy lies dormant in your consciousness, but only in your consciousness, for we work with your lives all the time, and part of our work is lighting the fires of need that you may call on us and give us permission to make ourselves known. As we have said before, we may and will not interfere in your free will, but if you were to call on us, all you would do is be giving that which is already in you permission. So when you call on me, you call on the aspect of your soul that governs your personal growth, healing and personal beingness upon this Earth right now. You are simply starting the fire that burns in the belly of me.

When you work with the Archangel Metatron you call to you or you acknowledge, shall we say, that aspect of you that is connected to growing the consciousness of the Father Mother God upon this Earth. That is why, when you are consciously choosing to teach and do the work of Spirit, that aspect of you that resonates with the Archangel Metatron is called to the fore. Great joy and great Love it brings when you acknowledge that aspect of your being, the angelic aspect of your being, so please try not to see us as external to you, but ever present in the consciousness of every man and woman.

Each one of you is unique and special. When we become active in your life, we call you to a higher consciousness, we call you into your angelic nature and from there, all things are possible.