"Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself." - Walt Whitman

MusingsWords are my addiction, there is no doubt whatsoever about that!

Nothing in the world brings me as much joy as writing – it allows me a space in which to be quiet, to be connected to the core of my being and to simply surrender. I love cake, as much as the next person, but I would, any day, rather roll some soulful words around my tongue, tasting the raw energy, feeling the warmth and beauty and sensing fulfilment as the emotion it evokes fills a dark, deep hole with joy.

In arriving at the words that you will find on this page, I have had to and will in future continue to, surrender to the moment and the space from where the words come. This is literally a matter of body, mind and Spirit.

Channelling is done, whether ‘in person’ (as in the spoken word) or in writing, by totally surrendering the ego and the intellectual control and unquestioningly trusting that one is completely protected and guarded, in order to receive the information from God, angelic beings or guides.

The section on Reflective Writing is a combination of my mind in service of my ego, my wisdom and my mind. Much of it is written with my tongue firmly tucked into my cheeks, whereas the majority is a matter of me interpreting and combining guidance I have received with knowledge I have, in order to assist people in finding guidance, clarity, direction and, quite frankly, something better than the ads on their TV screens to read.

The poetry, both the English and Afrikaans however, comes directly from my heart. Some of it was written in what now seems like another lifetime whilst others are a lot more current – but all of it is me laying bare my soul and finally surrendering old wounds to the ethers.

It is my prayer, as the Earth Mother and Sky Father meets in your heart, that these words will speak to whichever part of you it needs to, assisting you in finding comfort of this Divine presence forever within you, and that that which I give of myself will resonate within a receptive place within you.

After the ordeal of giving birth, my mom slipped into contented sleep and woke, much later, to find me sitting upright next to the crib - nodding from time to time, but upright none the less. I was afraid you see, that my new baby brother may just go away.

Each and every one of us is currently being pushed to marry, within ourselves, our divine masculine and divine feminine in order for us to realize our divine child, living on this Earth with unconditional love, compassion, trust, faith and joy.

There are so many beliefs that we all hold on to for dear life. I can think of quite a few that I have been savoring, cradling them to my opulent bosom just in case someone was to come along and question them.

Memories of long ago ride on our shoulders, whispering, weeping, laughing, calling for us to either stay awhile longer or to use it as a raft for conquering new waters.

Every year the beautiful, pink flowers appear, as if by magic, across what seems to be the most barren landscapes, simply to whisper to our souls of hope, survival and strength

Die son bring hoop, Lig en lewe, mits ons die moed het om uit te strek, met hande oop en gretig, om van sy strale te drink.

Kosmos en heimwee herinner my altyd aan die plekke en mense wat dimensie gee aan my menswees, my skaaf, skuur en poets-blink laat staan . . .

Hier, vanuit 'n plek wat nie vra om verwoord te word nie, tuimel gevoelens en woorde na wense en sonder versuim oor die bladsye ... kom proe, voel en luister saam . . .

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