"Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself." - Walt Whitman

MusingsWords are my addiction, there is no doubt whatsoever about that!

Nothing in the world brings me as much joy as writing – it allows me a space in which to be quiet, to be connected to the core of my being and to simply surrender. I love cake, as much as the next person, but I would, any day, rather roll some soulful words around my tongue, tasting the raw energy, feeling the warmth and beauty and sensing fulfilment as the emotion it evokes fills a dark, deep hole with joy.

In arriving at the words that you will find on this page, I have had to and will in future continue to, surrender to the moment and the space from where the words come. This is literally a matter of body, mind and Spirit.

Channelling is done, whether ‘in person’ (as in the spoken word) or in writing, by totally surrendering the ego and the intellectual control and unquestioningly trusting that one is completely protected and guarded, in order to receive the information from God, angelic beings or guides.

The section on Reflective Writing is a combination of my mind in service of my ego, my wisdom and my mind. Much of it is written with my tongue firmly tucked into my cheeks, whereas the majority is a matter of me interpreting and combining guidance I have received with knowledge I have, in order to assist people in finding guidance, clarity, direction and, quite frankly, something better than the ads on their TV screens to read.

The poetry, both the English and Afrikaans however, comes directly from my heart. Some of it was written in what now seems like another lifetime whilst others are a lot more current – but all of it is me laying bare my soul and finally surrendering old wounds to the ethers.

It is my prayer, as the Earth Mother and Sky Father meets in your heart, that these words will speak to whichever part of you it needs to, assisting you in finding comfort of this Divine presence forever within you, and that that which I give of myself will resonate within a receptive place within you.

The feminine energy knows its own power, understands the passing of time, the role it has in the Universe -and opens itself up, is a receptacle for purity and potential, inviting only that which will ultimately lead to fulfilling her destiny.

Pure joy – just flowing - creates ripples of energy, bringing emotions to the fore which is unrecognized by many who have forgotten this core energy.

As Aquarius, the playful, trusting and unconditionally loving energy beckons, we are all being enticed into a place of balance.These are not easy times, not a journey to be taken lightly, but how much longer can you ignore the siren song of your soul as it calls to you?

If you cannot accept the Love of God without constantly reminding yourself why you are not worthy of such love, how can you possibly even begin to accept love unconditionally from someone else?

When I tell someone that I love them, it is an affirmation that their presence in my life makes a difference, adds value and brings out something in me that makes me value myself and my life.

As we allow the brutally honest manifestation of Love that the Indigo Children are here to express, we will find a yardstick for truth and honesty that scrapes the bottom of our barrel of lies borne of false and outdated beliefs.

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