Meditation - An Introduction

Meditation has been practiced by many societies throughout timeMeditation has been practiced by many societies throughout time, but never has it been more ‘popular’ than in our current day and age. We are finding reference to meditation in all religions, in some form or another, we find it being used extensively by practitioners of psychology and most recently, it is being praised for the wondrous effect it has on people’s health and in their business environment.

The body is a finely tuned instrument, its chakras representing not only the colours of the rainbow but also the notes on the musical scale. When we live a life of discontent, stress, illness and tension, our energy bodies that should represent a rainbow bridge of Light, looks more like a soot covered structure about to collapse and what should sound like a symphony, becomes a cacophonous assault on our world.

It is no wonder then that, with meditation teaching and allowing us to slow down, to breathe deeply and energize our bodies and to balance and refine the flow of energy, many of all walks of life are clamouring to learn these techniques in order to improve their lives.

If your goal is simply to relax and restore well-being to your life by lowering your blood pressure and regulating your heart beat, then the chances of you being happy with the outcome of the practice, should be good.

For those wanting to practice meditation with a view to discovering and knowing themselves, it could be quite a different story. Self-exploration by way of meditation can be ruthless, raw and very revealing, as our shadow side tends to rise to the surface, revealing to us all the ways in which we hurt and sabotage ourselves.

The third point of focus in meditation as I see it, is a where people practice meditation with a view to spiritual growth and upliftment. When we consciously acknowledge the role and place of Spirit in our lives, a sense of well being permeates our being, creating a sense of calm and strengthening our faith in the world of Spirit (The term Spirit, as used by me, is a collective noun for the realms of angelic and other Spirit beings in harmony with the Father Mother God).

Ultimately, I believe we will achieve maximum benefit from meditation when we are able to embrace the fullness of its potential by practicing mindful relaxation, mindful exploration of both our Light and Dark places and incorporating its blessings by getting intimate and real with the gifts of compassion and self forgiveness, which will ultimately lead to us knowing our Divine Selves and thus be free to recognize and honor the Divine within all other creatures.