“For all I know, I know nothing if I cannot demonstrate a better life.” – Dr P.L. Masters

Manifestation is a right for every person alive on this Earth, as it is probably the richest reward for using one’s free will in an accountable way for the highest good of all. Manifesting that which you deserve does however require mindfulness, dedication, accountability and clear guidance from your inner value system.

Allow me to take you on a journey towards manifesting that which you so richly deserve, by observing specific guidelines and rituals, as you journey to a place of contentment and peace.

Manifestation is often talked about and sought by many, in fact it is something that is punted in every book and on every dream corner, yet looking around me, I do not see people driving their dream cars, do not see them with their great love or in the careers that most dream of.

Well, I do not see most people in these positions. I have seen some however, who effortlessly manifest their dreams. The majority of the people whom I have encountered who are able to do this are from the group very commonly called the Indigo Children – even though the vast majority of them are not children anymore.

These young people came into this world with the same purpose as all of us – to live their joy. The difference is, they claim that which brings them joy with a sense of knowing that it is their right – in fact, they do not even claim it, they simply expect it and do not, like the rest of us, stare in awe and wonder when magick drops into their laps. The problems arise when we, those of us who are disgruntled with our feet simultaneously in the old beliefs and the completely new world of knowing, frown upon them and make them either doubt that they deserve it or feel guilty about having it. How many Indigo’s do you know who, between the ages of 22 and 30, have qualifications to make their parents proud but are still not happy in jobs that would make their parents happy – simply because they themselves will not settle. They wake up one day and know – without question – what they want, and then they call it in. Alternatively, they lounge around dodging the bullets fired at them by a society that expects them to be something they are not, until one day that which they have manifested in their inbox.

These kids understand – they name it, they love it, they know they deserve it and they speak it – and then they get it. Until they no longer do, and then their worlds become confused.

Living in a world where we believe that we are sinners and our birth-right is struggle and punishment, creates a huge energy of doubt and disillusionment that we have to banish from our subconscious minds before we can bring in what we want.

Operating from the ‘sinner’ perspective, you have to visualize in as much details as possible, that which you want. You have to concretize it, create it, taste it and smell it. Having done that, you have to then convince yourself, without guilt, just how much you are going to enjoy it once you have it. You have to imagine the joy, imagine the pleasure and gratitude you will feel once you have it.

Great – so far, so good. Now you have to reach deep inside of you, convince yourself that you really deserve it, even if you maybe do not really work hard enough, or may battle to repay it, and what’s more, you have to convince yourself that it is not too good to be true and you will, after all, only get it if you deserve it. So – you light another candle and in the least possible enthusiastic way, mutter an affirmation hoping that your guides and angels have super hearing.

Well you know what – it is not them who have to hear – it is you!

It is off course, also the nature of the majority of people to complain about where they are, spending all their time focused on where they are wanting to go, rather than be where they are. The old adage of ‘blossom where you are planted’ is of vital importance, especially in manifestation, because it advocates being present, attentive and successful where you are, truly enjoying your battered old car or loving the silence of your single home as you await someone who will shatter your silence and come to sing your soul. Being in the present requires total surrender, and total surrender opens one up to receive, without questions, from the universal pot to which you contribute without question every day.

I cannot help but smile when people tell me, hesitantly, about their affirmations and the work they are doing. It comes out haltingly, as if they are afraid to talk about it because, what if it does not manifest and they are embarrassed? So, in order to avoid that, they tell you what they are ‘trying’ to manifest, but then immediately give you reasons why this should not come to pass. The minute that negativity comes up, it is as if the life-blood is drawn from it, the heart of it sucked out and the passion dissipated – no longer trusted to be received.

How about, rather than manifest happiness in our lives from the root chakra up, we take the stand of the Child of God who was born through the greatest Love the world has ever known, leaving us a legacy and birth-right of unconditional love?

Once we can get away from God residing within us, our soul and spirit being in our bodies, we can also get away from limitation. The minute we surrender our boundaries, that which defines us, limits us and isolates us, and we can visualize ourselves as a tidal pool in an ever changing yet abundant ocean, of which we are fully a part, can we realize the fullness of our being, our magnificence and the gifts that are not only a part of us, but our right. As with a tidal pool, we are only set apart from the ocean of potentiality when our tide is low – then we appear isolated, etched against the darkness and limited. When we live in the fullness of who we are, immersed in the boundlessness that is the Father Mother God within which our souls reside and we within it, then we know that all we want is already provided, there, ready for the taking, providing we can courageously let go of our false securities tied up in our concept of lack, and receive what is rightfully ours.

Operating from a place within Spirit, owning our abundance and the right to live a life free of care and worry, we could go about manifestation as follows :

  • From a source deep within and in total resonance with our true Divine nature, welcome and embrace the sense of serenity that comes with knowing that which you want may be more than you are asking for – and being open to receive that which is rightfully destined to be yours. Expect, without any expectation, to receive that which is best for you. Be open to a miracle
  • Once you have been able to understand that too much detail could be limiting and you have surrendered to potential, allow your higher consciousness to provide and sketch for you images and visions of that which has your name on it. Accept those images, pen them in a journal or workspace and allow yourself to invite it into your mind, taking it in and making it yours.
  • Let the affirmations, directly linked to that which you envision, desire and deserve flow from you in gentle sounds of gratitude and prayer, music to your soul, aligning you with the reality of your gifts. When you speak, speak of it in thanksgiving and gratitude, but own it and thus inspire others to follow their knowingness to fruition.
  • Make the most of where you are. If it is a new vehicle you are wanting, ensure that the old one is in the best possible condition that will make its next owner feel as excited about getting it as you are getting yours. If you are leaving a career, ensure that you leave a well documented and detailed document/manual for the next person, etc. This too will bring joy which will draw more joy and reason for gratitude.
  • As you create magic and happiness where you are whilst you are waiting for the next phase on your soul journey, you will be excelling in that which you do, you will feel good about yourself and you will know that there is nothing that can or will limit you. Bring this gentle assurance of your divine nature into your life, and the gates of spiritual fulfilment will open for you.
  • Engaging your senses in this process at this time is of vital importance. Truly sense the changes in your life as you passionately embrace your gifts, feel the happiness, smell it, touch it, hear it and make it real, that you may draw it in.
  • Lastly, you need to own it – truly know and acknowledge that it is yours, anchor it in blessings of gratitude and acceptance, acknowledge that you are worthy, in every way, to accept it and anchor it in your world, your reality, your life.