Magickal Tools

Magickal Tools

Entering the deep waters of Magickal Tools, I tread carefully and with great respect. I will give you direction regarding ‘tools’ to be used in your daily practice, and then, under a separate heading, I will offer a brief introduction to the Tools used by those who are deeply committed to the practice of sacred energy work.

Let me be clear that there are many ‘beliefs’ that I do not necessarily buy into, and you will not catch me preaching many do’s and don’ts, such as that one should not eat garlic or onions if you wish to meditate or practice magick, that you should never allow others to touch your cards or your crystals etc. I will tell you that, should someone hold dear any of these beliefs, I will and do respect them without question. My problem is that many people have beliefs such as this because someone once told them so – not because of their own knowingness and conviction. In fact, I have had people query the fact that we put angel cards out for people to draw at a meditation or that I allow others to touch the crystals in my healing room.

My healing room or work space is cluttered with crystals and I have a vast variety of cards, ranging from various Tarot decks to inspirational cards, angel cards, animal cards etc. These are there to be used – by anyone whom I invite into my space. It is my responsibility to these items – and especially the crystals which we know are sensitive and alive – cleanse them regularly. This is especially true when other people have touched, held and worked with them.

I do believe, however, that with pure intent the energy of any item can be changed and maintained and that, ultimately, is our responsibility.

It is important that, no matter what we do, we be clear on what our values and our relationship with God, our guides, our angels, other people and our tools are. We need to always be respectful of the practices of other people and always ask before handling cards, crystals or any other objects that are placed in a sacred space.

The problem is, how do we define sacred space? For me it is easy – it is ANY place where I enter into consultation with another, and specifically relating to energy work. In fact, I do much of my work in a coffee shop, making that space sacred to me within that time-frame.

Here then, whether you are meditating or manifesting on the most basic level or more intensely, some items I recommend you cleanse and consecrate specifically for your own use, and then some for group use :


I personally have certain items of jewellery which represents protection and purity, and these have been consecrated for use during ceremonies and at any other time of my life when I feel low, vulnerable or simply seek its presence in my energy field.

Incense Holder

You may wish to use the wooden one with a hole on one side, in which to stand the incense sticks, used for clearing and consecrating space. You may also wish to use a holder upon which a lit charcoal round is placed for burning raw herbs and resin

Candle Holder(s)

No matter what I do, I always start by lighting a candle that represents God’s Light and is a reminder for me that I choose always to be an ambassador of Light. If I am going to work in a public space where this is not possible, I choose to set this intent as part of my daily preparation.


It is always a good idea to keep cleansed and consecrated candles in a specific space for daily and ritual use

Salt & Water bowls

Although both salt and water are used for space clearing, it is also used to represent the elements of Earth and Water, if you were to work with them. A set of small bowls dedicated to this use is useful to have.


Use crystals to enhance ones energy and represent the element of Earth

Magick Tools

Smudge bundles or smudge wands

Smudge bundles are made by ‘bundling’ dried herbs together and tying them with cord or string, whilst dried herbs can also be used. Smudge feathers are normally made out of feathers gifted to us by Great Spirit. These are often given as gifts or, as in most cases, picked up in nature. We use a smudge wing, made of the wing of an owl that we found next to the road. Preparation of such a wing is a sacred and dedicated process of gratitude and honor.

Affirmation or Medicine bags

When working with affirmations, the affirmations can be placed in the bag or, alternatively, an object representing the affirmation is placed in the bag and carried with one. Items that work well in these bags could be a photograph of an item or a person (who is being honored, forgiven, healed etc.), crystals that have been allocated and dedicated to be in alignment with the affirmation, a dedicated coin (if working with abundance affirmations etc.). This item is then carried on the person for as long as is required by the ritual being performed.

Alternatively, I for one carry what I term a medicine bag. This bag contains objects of affirmation which are said when I add it to the bag, and represents my personal spiritual medicine items, including an item that represents the presence of my soul, one that represents my ‘spiritual family or support group’, a feather representing the angelic realm and items - mostly crystals and charms - representing qualities, such as being humble, courage, discernment, compassion and Light. My bag is always on my altar and is used during sacred rituals and ceremonies.

For more information, see an example of an affirmation bag and many affirmations under the Magick tab on this site.

Ceremonial Pipe

The Ceremonial Pipe or Peace Pipe, is used by many of the Native American tribes during ceremony. It is normally smoked after completion of a ceremony or exchanging of vows, and it is believed that the smoke carries the prayers of those present, to Great Spirit.

Singing Bowl

These bowls, which are handcrafted from various layers of copper, is used in healing, space clearing, meditation and sound journeys. The are finely tuned and resonate with different energy levels in the body, balancing and 'tuning' so to speak, of energy frequencies. They can assist in inducing an altered state during meditation.

Talking Stick

Another tool often used during ceremony by many native tribes, the Talking Stick is used to encourage communication. It is said to hold energy and allow the speaker to speak from the heart, whilst the feathers attached to it, serves to ward off any unwanted influences or energies. During ceremony, the Talking Stick is passed around for those present during the ceremony to bring their wishes to the person/s whose life passages are being celebrated. It has also found a place in modern life, where it has been incorporated in teamwork in corporate or other group situations, as only the 'bearer' of the Stick is allowed to speak when it is used, bringing a level of respect and discipline to group discussions.