MagickMagic is the conscious application of imagination and focused attention to bring about a desired goal through visualization, using associative techniques and devices to concentrate and focus the emotional energy in order to affect other energy patterns, whether animate or inanimate, but more often to affect the personal energy patterns.

It is my belief that everything is alive and everything is connected, and as a result it is our intents that the proper orientation to everything, including other people, is respectfulness and humility.

Mind and body work together, and Magick is simply the extension of this interaction into dimensions beyond the limits normally perceived.

The body is alive, and all Life is an expression of the Divine. There is God-power in the Body and in the Earth, just as there is in the Mind and Spirit. With Love and Will, we use mind to link these aspects of Divinity together to bring about change in our patterns and our lives, thus enabling us to make new choices and develop new patterns in alignment with the highest good for all.

Practical Magick is concerned with the Craft of Living Well and in harmony with Nature, and with the magic of the Earth, in the things of the Earth, in the seasons and cycles and in the things we make with hand and mind.

It matters not that we have all the knowledge in the world, that we are able to rub people’s feet to stop their noses from running, to tell them when they will meet the tall dark stranger they so lust after, have an intrinsic knowledge of all the dimensions and the different perfumes and costumes that will be available to us during our transition from bills to bliss – if we cannot demonstrate the fact that we are blessed, that we deserve to be happy, content and live fulfilled and abundant lives, we will have failed to live our purpose which is, ultimately, to grow spiritually throug experiencing our joy.

In this section I will assist you in finding ways, incorporating nature, the lunar cycles, herbs and affirmation in rituals, that will meet my intent that your transformation may be joyous, uplifting and always for your highest good AND ultimately, for the highest good of all.