For the Love of Indigos

Ahhh . . . our beautiful, soulful, challenging and often misunderstood young people – how I love you guys.
There have been many times in my son’s 24 years that I have asked him to go to sleep so I can love him again, because, you see, there are quite a few things about raising the youngsters that we have brought into this life, that is quite challenging.

Having been brought up in a very dedicated, quite conservative Afrikaans and Dutch Reformed home, does not create fertile ground for raising children with tattoos and piercings. Note – I said having been brought up, not having grown up, for I was the rebel in many ways and I liked to believe that I did not drag all these tribal beliefs with me. I was wrong. Every day I am confronted with beliefs and thoughts that challenge my value system, sometimes because it needs to change and sometimes simply to affirm that I am in the right place for me now.

I learnt from Marilyn Manson that we needed to listen to these children, rather than to speak to them. Believe me, that is quite challenging, for if we allow us to really hear them, we hear the wisdom of the ages, we get to share their vision of a future which goes beyond our fears and our vision and we very often , as we allow the brutally honest manifestation of Love that they are to be expressed, find a yardstick for truth and honesty that scrapes the bottom of our barrel of lies borne of false and outdated beliefs.

The group of young people that many place under the umbrella of Indigo’s, are challenging our views of security and stability as many of them brought into this world an anger that runs so deep that we cannot even begin to understand it. This anger is a tool that they have been given to assist them in breaking down the outmoded systems that currently exit in this world, the preconceived ideas of right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, security and insecurity.

I have and do come across many young people who have experimented with various jobs, careers, hobbies and avenues of study, many of them simply trying to find their niche whilst others have done this to please or pacify their parents. In a world that they find rather hostile because of their forthright attitudes, their lack of true direction and focus and their varying beliefs about themselves which swing between seeing themselves as not good enough one moment and as royalty the next, they falter and fight the systems that exist in our worlds and in our minds.

What is going on is a world-wide phenomenon, with many of them in finding themselves culturally challenged and marginalized, frowned upon as a group by large sectors of society and a lack of understanding from those who have brought them into the world, but who are torn between their love for them and the belief systems of their world.

It is my honest belief that 95% of our unhappiness comes from unmet expectations – expectations that we have for all the outcomes in our lives, ranging from experiences, situations and relationships to people. If we could dig deep and find the faith that we are so quick to shout from the mountaintops, find the unconditional Love for others that we so profess and suspend judgement for just one day, our lives would change entirely and we would see these beautiful souls as being exactly where they need to be at any given moment. These moments are filled with pain, with challenges, with lessons, with beauty, acknowledgement and pure manifestation of incarnated souls living in the moment.

I was once told that the Indigo’s will change the world – and they are doing just that – one parent, by one person, by one belief at a time. Listen to the words of Milan Kundera when he says “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” Allow yourself to love, accept, share and experience our beautiful youths without any expectations for just one day – in celebration of their souls, and I guarantee you will relish, with Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of their Being