Energy Investment

There are so many ways in which we can view energy, and many more ways in which it can be described. Technically, one could look at all the scientific qualities and components of energy, but, as there are many people who have gone before and has done this, we shall not dwell thereupon.

For the purpose of this exercise, we will look at the various ways in which we perceive energy in our daily lives. It is, without question, the golden thread that holds all things together, it is the harmony in the music and the gentle smell of a summer rain. It is in the bold striding of one person whilst it is in the gentle shuffle of another, the whisper in the wind and the turn in the tornado. We see it every day, we feel it as we walk into a space, we smell it, we sense it – and above all, we project it outward as a reflection of what we believe we are, our thoughts and our feelings.

Energy is that which conveys the feelings, the hopes, the thoughts, the viewpoints, the fears and the faith of every part of creation. It is the most powerful of all unseen things – it is the breath of the Father Mother God.

Light and Dark Energies
We so often hear people speak of the Light and/or the Dark forces. These forces are no more than the choices we make in relation to the energy that is available to each of us. It must be clear to all that there is no such thing as darkness – it, of itself, does not exist. Darkness is simply a term for the absence of light. When this is understood, the so-called dark forces will have no more power. It is true that there are people who will work with the so-called dark forces – these people simply choose to work with the shadow of an issue or a person – that which casts a barrier before the Light. There are powerful energies around at present, the world is changing rapidly and there is a tremendous move towards the more esoteric way of seeing things. What needs to be understood is that anyone who works in, with or for the Light will always do whatever they do, with the intent of working for the highest good of all. The Light, when referred to and written with a capital ‘L’ for the purpose of this work, represents the Light of God, the pure essence of all who exist on this Earth and encompasses all our hopes, dreams and divine energy. If we consider that ‘EGO’ can be considered a state of ‘Edging God Out’, then and absence of Light indicates one who operates from an overblown ego, which will always cast a shadow around one. Those who choose to work with the shadow, who wishes to take advantage of a person who gives power to their own shadow, uses the weakness of another for their own ‘perceived’ good. At the end of the day, however, it is true that that which you give, you receive and what you put into the world, will always return to you. For this reason one must always take care to work ethically and with the pure intent not to harm anything or anyone – that, ultimately, is a supreme act of self respect and self love.

The Shadow
Where there is light, there will always be an aspect which has less light – more often than not because of a barrier or blockage, therefore creating the shadow, the aspect of life that causes doubt, discomfort, fear and confusion. It must be made clear that every person has a shadow side, and no shadow is worse or better than that of another. There are no small lies and there is no big or little theft. Taking something which belongs to another, is an act from the shadow side. By simply doing this, one feeds the shadow, as in some way, this will always lead to fear, nervousness, and a lack of trust in self and or others, mirroring ones own lack of trustworthiness. Human beings are so quick to judge a murderer, yet they think nothing of murdering the dreams of another human being with careless words or judgement. When one allows thoughts of judgement, acts of fear, anger, jealousy or greed to get the better of one, the so called workers of the dark side rejoices, for this opens up an avenue for further fear, for pain and for the parasitic energies that feed off the shadow.

It is the purpose of the shadow, as a product of the ego, to teach us. When we feel fear, we should immediately be on guard, aware and present. Fear, like anger, grief and power, is only not good once it becomes the master. As long as it works to empower us, to enrich our lives, to act as signs of warning of impending loss, danger etc., it becomes a powerful tool that allows us to take stock of our lives on a daily basis, recognizing the sense of loss of personal power in the moment and therefore affording us opportunity for positive choice and change. This is the ultimate role of the ego. The ego is an expression of our humanness incarnate, an it is the very thing that sets us apart from beings that do not have free will – the ego, and as a result of the shadow which it may cast if we stray too far away from our divine origin, will always present us with choice – and the opportunity to practice free will. The ego only becomes a negative trait when it rides bareback over our values and our sense of self as divine beings.

A person with a healthy self image will think nothing of crying, of grieving for the loss of a loved one, simply because they know that it is about themselves. How often do you hear people say that they should not cry for the person who has passed on, for they are now happier where they are? Grief has absolutely nothing to do with the other person – it is all about the one grieving – because of the loss that he or she is feeling and has had to endure. When someone can openly grieve, acknowledge his or her pain and accept that it is a natural state after loss, they are working in the light. If, however, they continue projecting their grief onto the person who has passed on or others who too are grieving, they are living within the shadow – denying their pain and using it as a scapegoat for remaining a victim.

Know without question that the victim is the keeper of the keys to the shadow. The moment you step out of victim consciousness, the shadow will find its rightful place in the toolbox of life, and the Light will shine ever brighter as a result of the perfect balance between the presence and absence of light.

How do we spend our energy?
We spend energy every moment of every day, we spend it on the things we think about, the things we say, the things we imagine and in that, we spend every moment of every day creating the next moment. When we affirm that every moment of our lives is infinitely creative, it is no small statement. In fact, it is one of the most important realizations that we can come to and, once we acknowledge this, it can be life changing.

Energy is exchanged in every interaction, verbal, physical or non-verbal or –physical. When we laugh, our energy reverberates, it lifts the vibration of the universal energy around us in exactly the same way as singing or listening to music does. Sad that we share so little joy when it has the potential to change so many lives! Instead of spending energy spreading joy, we tend to squander it, for energy spent on fear, on anger, on deceit, on lying and then covering up the lies, on untended grief, on poverty- and victim consciousness, on our total addiction to abuse and drama, on judgment, criticism and gossip, is energy not only wasted, but ill invested. The moment we come to a space of self love we will, without question, stop wasting energy on the above, purely because we will not want any of the above to come back to us, as is the universal law with energy.

In closing
All of that having been said, I have to come back to the fact that energy is, in essence, the Breath of God. The reflection of our energy indicates, in direct proportion, our relationship with the Father Mother God. There are many, many people in this world who will argue this point, who will say that it is not true, as they are still doing battle within themselves, they are still not in balance in terms of their male and female energies, who are battling their shadow every day, yet they know that they believe in God.

And therein lies the problem.
Belief in God is like having a horse but never riding it. The power is awesome, the beauty is breathtaking, the responsibility is quite something – but never, ever has it been experienced as real, never have they felt the power of sitting in the saddle, knowing without question that this horse will take them, safely, to wherever they need to go. That is what belief is all about.

Knowing that you are a child of the Father Mother God, accepting this unconditionally, brings with it the accountability of being a part of creation, one with the family of the universal Sun, the Light which is shed that one may see your shadow, may use it to heal and grow towards the eternal Light, the only Light that will counter the total lack of light which is otherwise known as the Dark Side. There are many philosophies, there are many theories, there are many quick fixes being offered at present for people to find their way into the Light.

At the end of the day, however, the only thing we are required to do is to take full accountability for our every action. We need to use our energy to seek the answers to one question, no matter what the circumstances are in your life, when having to make decisions. This questions is “Does this decision feed my soul or does it feed my ego?”

This may sound like a rather simple question, until you have to apply it to a careless driver who turns in front of you, speak to your banker because they erroneously returned a cheque, the clerk at Revenue Services, or the person who has just driven into your brand new car. We never even stop to think when we are having arguments with our children for instance, whether we are holding on to an old argument simply because that is the way it has always been done, or maybe out of fear for what the tribe will say when he or she gets a piercing or a tattoo or does not pursue an intended career – whether we are truly acting from our own truth, or whether we are being governed by the energy of old, outworn patterns and beliefs.

Beliefs, you see, are also energy. The belief that you were born in sin and therefore deserve to be punished, the belief that you are worthy of suffering, the addiction to drama – all of these are energies which permeate our beings, influencing on the deepest levels our decisions about and in life.

Looking at your life now, I want to ask you to dig deep, to really, really look at the manner in which you are allowing the Father Mother God to breathe Love and Light into you – for it is in allowing that to enter your being, allowing yourself to receive that which we are so graciously given, that we heal, that our energies become balanced and whole and that we become accountable for every word, every action that flows from our being.

How will you know to what extent you have allowed Love to come to you? Look at the way in which you treat yourself, look at your home and the extent to which the energy within reflects the love you do or do not feel for yourself. Look at your male and female energies and see the extent to which you limit yourself, your wholeness – and know that the time has come for you to move towards your center – towards the space where Spirit and matter meet – the place where absolute Trust, not belief, in a loving, omnipotent God will carry you to total surrender.When you come to this place, when you can truly open your arms wide, allowing the energy to flow through you and from you – then you will know that you have truly started your journey home.

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