Crystal Cleansing Ritual

Many people believe in cleansing crystals prior to using them – and then, preferably, at the full or new moon.

It is my belief that pure intent will do just fine, but having said that, I do like to do a ritual cleansing of my crystals at full moon. This, I think, is one of those personal things – so sit with it and do what you feel comfortable with. Simply placing the crystals out during the full moon with the intent of them being cleansed, will also do the magic. Taking the time to engage with the crystals during a ritual, however, does help us to focus on the qualities they represent, their role in our ‘spiritual toolbox’ and the gifts that they bring to our energy field.

Herewith info for cleansing :

Stones/crystals can be cleansed using salt, salt water, brown rice or the smoke of incense. I honestly feel that these are merely tools to enhance your pure intent. Do take care though, as too much salt can harm some of the softer stones.

Place crystals on or in the salt or rice – or hold in the incense smoke, saying the following affirmation which I have sourced from the “The Complete Book of Icenses, Oils and Brews” by Scott Cunningham

Cleansed are these crystal.
Purged of all residual energies
And undesirable influences.
Only the good, the pure,
And the strong remain herein
These crystals are now made receptive
To the powers
That I shall instill within them.
So may it be.

Having cleansed the crystals, you may then want to take them out and program them. This could be done by holding them in the sun, or simply by charging them with energy from your hands, and saying the following affirmation :

At this time and at this place
Is the great power of the Sun
Drawn within these crytstals
Strength and life are affixed
Within each of these living,
Crystalline minerals.
The power grows
And makes them even stronger
drawing from the great sun itself.
By my will and pure intent,
So be it!