Clairsentient Consultations

Working as a clairsentient channel, I am able to sense the energies around you with the assistance of my guides and yours. I work with various guides who assist and protect me at all times and who will also allow for the presence of your guides in order to best assist you at all times.

It may happen that I will sense the presence of someone or, at times, simply energy around you whom you cannot identify – in fact, this will happen more often than not, as we all have many guides and they are not all familiar to us. Although I do at times receive messages or visitation from people who have passed on to the other side, it is not the norm in the work I do and therefore I do not offer or promise to assist anyone in contacting a loved one. Should such a person choose to bring a message through, however, I will gladly share it during a session.

Please note that I do not do fortune-telling or predictions, as such, although these may be given to me on occasion. Primarily, the information will give you direction and assist you in identifying blockages to life enhancing circumstances, or simply give you direction to help you make life changing decisions. As a Soul Coach, my intent is always to provide information and tools that will facilitate your soul healing, growth and realization.

Key Benefits

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Issues may be identified that you did not realize existed
  • Your guides will highlight situations or circumstances when you are ready to and need to face issues that you have denied in order for you to move forward
  • The information will empower you to make decisions that serve your highest good
  • Identification of your strong points
  • Life direction in times of stress and uncertainty

Please Note

Our purpose during this incarnation, I am often told, is to heal our fear in order to celebrate Love – the opposite of fear and our birth-right. In doing so, we will find joy and exuberance in all we do, whether it is something we love or not. We will be an ambassador for Love and in doing so, we will become pure channels for joy and life-force wherever we go.

In order for us to reach this stage, we need to conquer our fear, our doubt, our anxiety – and the only way to do that, is to face it. We have become such masters at hiding from these emotions, that we often convince ourselves that we are able to avoid them, but this is not true. Having said that, I wish to assure you that, although you will often be told that something is good for you, or that something that you fear will not happen etc., it is absolutely imperative that you understand that we will be given certain experiences and engage with specific people based on the contracts that we have agreed to prior to this incarnation.

Those experiences, it would appear, will make up at least 50% of the fabric of your life. My guides once explained that our lives, when we enter, is like a tapestry canvas – the blueprint is already done, however, how we choose to colour and work it is a direct result of the greatest gift we were ever given by Spirit – that of free will. Responding to the soul landscape that we have been given, we may choose to work all the rivers or the forests first, using either dark, foreboding colours or strong, clear and vibrant colours. We choose the direction and the colours, and because we look at it ‘from below’, we may not always see the bigger picture – in fact, all we see are the loose bits, the strands and the ‘under side’, which is not always pretty.

Because our guides have access to the bigger picture, they will constantly and without fail, always try and guide us to return to the basics, our gifts and our direction – but whether we accept their guidance is entirely our choice, as we are, ultimately solely responsible for the choices we make in life.

Do not let anyone tell you what to do – listen to the guidance, look at the facts and then, always, consult your inner guidance, for it will never fail you – as long as you choose to listen.