Life Passage Ceremonies

Ceremonies provided by us provide a unique and non-denominational way to celebrate special occasions such as the arrival of a new baby, commitment or marital vows, puberty rites, croning and crossing the bridge ceremonies for those who have crossed over to another dimension.

All ceremonies are tailor made for the client and can be offered at our premises in KwaZulu Natal Midlands, South Africa, or at a location of your choice. 

Please note that we are not qualified to perform legal ceremonies, i.e. wedding ceremonies, therefore please take care to ensure that all legalities in relation to your ceremonies are completed if so required.

Key Benefits - Personalised, intimate ceremonies to celebrate life passages - Enhances a sense of belonging, particularly in the case of adoptions and puberty rites.

Ceremonies Available

  • Naming Ceremonies: to welcome and bless new babies into a family or group
  • Adoption Ceremonies: rites are performed when one or both adults adopt children into a family
  • Commitment Ceremonies: for people wanting to commit to each other, either in addition to a legal marriage or in a private ceremony.
  • Divorce/Separation:  Rites are done by one or both parties separating ways in order to bring gratitude for what has been and for closure in order to move forward in their lives
  • Puberty Rites:  are celebrated when young men and women enter puberty and are welcomed by the elders within the group
  • Eldering / Croning: is performed when women enter menopause and the period of wisdom. As there is no such definition in terms of time for men, it is often celebrated after the age of fifty or,  alternatively, upon retirement from his career. This is a personal choice.
  • Death or Remembrance Ceremonies:  are performed to honor and celebrate the lives of those who have passed on. As with weddings, this can be done in addition to traditional church services

Adoption CeremoniesWhether you choose a legal or purely spiritual avenue for the adoption process, we assist in making this an experience of mutual love and celebration

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