Ceremonial Items

Below I have listed some items that are often used as gifts or symbols during sacred ceremonies or rights of passage. These are merely a few, yet with a basic knowledge of sacred symbolism and a lot of heart, allow yourself to create sacred items for use in these instances.

Union Stick

The Union Stick leans heavily on the symbol of the Wizard’s staff, which serves to contain, direct and focus the wizard’s personal energy and to ‘draw down’ and anchor the Light within the relationship. The couple will tie items that carry importance to them, to the wand. The movement of these items are said to keep unwanted energies which may cause distress in a union, away.

Wedding Blanket

A blanket which is placed around the wedding couple to symbolize the Love, protection and binding together as one. In some traditions the bride and groom each bring a blanket to the wedding that represents their past. This is then shed before the vows are said and on completion of the vows, the wedding blanket is put around them to become a part of their life and home.

White Doves

The release of white doves at a ceremony invokes peace and harmony within a family or, if at a more personal ceremony such as a naming, puberty, croning ceremony, in the life of the individual. At a Crossing the Bridge ceremony, it represents the peaceful transition and existence in the ‘afterlife’.

Butterfly Release

Releasing butterflies at ceremonies represents the change that comes as one moves from the chrysalis stage to birth, either of a new life, a new relationship or a new phase in ones life.


A horse shoe, a symbol of luck, with coloured ribbons threaded through it (they represent the elements) can be incorporated in a ceremony.

A Corn Sheath

A sheath of corn, tied with a ribbon, represents abundance and the gifts of the earth.

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