Basic Meditation Techniques

Herewith some basic techniques and preparation that may be used prior to more focused and mindful meditation :

  • Place yourself in a comfortable position, preferably upright and with your spine straight. Start by relaxing all the body muscles and let all tensions subside.
  • Without giving thought or energy to it, allow your thoughts to come and go until they gradually fade away. You may wish to focus on repeating a chosen mantra, observing the flickering flame of a candle or the intricacies of a mandala, listening to soothing sounds or music, or focus on the movement and sound of your breathing, until a point of stillness is reached. Allow your mind to gently drift to a place of gentle, peaceful relaxation.
  • Find yourself drifting into a space of deep, tranquil yet safe connectedness with the vast open realm within you find yourself. Observe and acknowledge any intuitive impressions, images and thoughts that may spontaneously rise l up from your soul consciousness. You will soon learn to distinguish between soul-thoughts and images and the senseless rumblings of your conscious mind, as you learn to recognise the feelings of surrender and bliss as it fills your entire being.
  • From a state of detachment, observe and contemplate all thoughts, impressions visions and new ideas arising, whilst feeling alert and conscious.
  • Allow yourself to gently return to a grounded space within your body where you are keenly (and often very sensitive) aware of your body and your space in time.

It is important, once the meditation is complete but before returning to the outside world, that you take time to note down that which you have observed and may have realised during your meditation. You will find that this will offer you great insight and inspiration.

As you go about your day, it may be useful to remain mindful of your surroundings and of your intuitive feelings and impressions that may arise at any moment during the day. This anchoring of consciousness in the here and now will eventually allow you to instantaneously access your higher consciousness and enable it to guide your thoughts, words and deeds through the still small voice within and the intuitive, spontaneous promptings you may feel.