Balance – Our Eternal Quest

2 500 years BC, the sun basked in the gentle feminine energy of Aries, beaming down onto the world the qualities of beauty, softness, creativity, nurturing, acceptance and surrender. In the heart of every man, according to John Eldridge in his book Wild at Heart, is a desperate desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live and a beauty to rescue. During this feminine period, finding a powerful, strong and beautiful woman was adventurous enough, whilst maintaining his foothold without becoming a servant would have been a battle that many eventually lost. The ultimate challenge for him, would have been to find a beauty that was shunned by her own ego, her fears, her baggage, and to rescue her inner goddess, to elevate and honor her in order for her to express her divine feminine nature.

In doing so, women would have become the true nurturers and creators, the men would have acted in love and in many ways, given their power to the women as they became their slaves, producing that which women energetically created.

As the sun inched its way towards Pisces, the masculine energy started awakening, searching for more challenging adventures, answers to new questions and a soul calling to embody the energy of the warrior. The sun in Pisces saw the masculine energy bringing structure and organization to faith, calling it religion, instilling laws, discipline and preset effects to each cause. Where, during the feminine age of Aries, life unfolded gently and according to the rhythm of life, the Piscian masculine age shapes life, squeezes it into action and structure and ‘makes things happen’. Women have stepped into action to serve their men, becoming more and more silent as men strive for more, better, stronger. As the male energy continue to embrace the extreme warrior archetype, the feminine energy started shrinking back, fading into the role of the martyr, quietly enduring activity, power and control which is alien to their nature.

As Aquarius, the playful, trusting and unconditionally loving energy beckons, we are all being enticed into a place of balance. The soul of man is enticing him to return to the Light, to leave behind the man-cave of survival where they have hidden their hearts from the world, lest it stops them from making the decisions required for safety, security, providing for and protecting of his family. What we have come to see as male dominance, arrogance and need for control and dominance is not ego based, but fear based. It is the warrior riding a black stallion of material power, living up to the protection of his mother’s needs whilst seeking his father’s approval.

In the face of such power, the woman, snug in the comfort zone of the martyr, finds it difficult to escape the negative, powerless situation where she has relinquished her claim to happiness in order to maintain peace, stability and balance.

As a typical Indigo child, Aquarius does not pull punches and will not let us go quietly into the night – or light of day, for that matter. To find the balance of the Inner Divine Child, we have to all embrace the energy of the masculine/feminine within ourselves – we need to become whole, strong, confident and self-referring. Women who have been feeling restless and trapped, are noticing their inner masculine awaken, stirring them to action, calling them to heal their fragmented hearts and re-write the story of their joy. The men, delving deep into the recesses of their souls, seek to unveil their hearts, to show their deepest fears and dreams to the world and to embrace the vulnerability of their feeling nature.

This, however, is where the problem lies. There are no road maps, no directions, no co-ordinates to the soul of man or woman, there is only the small, still voice of the soul, calling, begging and then fading into a short silence as men and women jump on and off the merry-go-round of destruction within broken relationships where trust, communication and integrity is dictated by the tribe rather than felt and established in the holy union of two souls in partnership with Spirit.

So many people are now coming face to face with their own value system, their lack of love for self and their misplaced devotion to others. Fear of failure, rejection, abandonment and judgement keeps women trapped in the beliefs that they are not good enough to stand alone, to be independent and to survive in this world, not realizing that they have already failed themselves, rejected their true nature, abandoned the goddess within and is constantly judging their very essence. Women fear all of this from their men, whilst men fear failing their families, being rejected by the tribe, abandoned by their wife or children and not being respected by the world. They too do not realize that they have, in many cases, failed their families as they were absent from them in order to provide for them, fought so hard for acceptance by the tribe that they were often emotionally unavailable for their wives whose respect they lost somewhere between paying bills and bargaining in boardrooms.

Women gave themselves as slaves, unquestioning, passively and silently, to the warriors who often took them wordlessly, seeking release rather than romance, as within both of them the wounds became deeper, the gulf between them wider as they tried to salvage adoration with affairs, trust with treaties, worth with wads of money, quality time with technology, passion with paroxysm, Divinity with depression.

Aquarius beckons, our inner child cries out for the unification and celebration of the divine masculine and feminine in ourselves, that women may ride bare-back on a horse of her own choosing, her hair blowing in the wind as she sees the vistas of beauty and promise before her, no longer staring at the back of the head of the man whose horse she is sharing, but able to drink in the joy of his masculine beauty, his strength and his safety. In this, the man too will be free to ride carelessly, to savor the wind on his face, to allow tears of joy to flow from him as he unites with the power of his spirit, to feel, without expectation, as love and honor for his beautiful companion fills his heart, gives him wings and propels him towards an adventure to live.

These are not easy times, not a journey to be taken lightly, but how much longer can you ignore the siren song of your soul as it calls to you?

my Uranus, I journeyed towards you
along byways of
broken dreams
and highways of forgetfulness
Until you . .
gently powerful
arrived –
my mirror
my doorway
my Uranus . . .
May I have this dance?