Adoption Ceremonies

Adoption is a sacred rite that many have experienced through the ages, but in our society very few people take the time to honor this as a sacred rite.

Through the ceremonies that we do, we allow both parties, in a safe and sacred space, to acknowledge and embrace the soul contracts that they have entered into in the presence of Spirit.

Although in many instances, a legal adoption would be the starting point for such a ceremony, there is also the situation where a woman, entering into a committed relationship with a man, chooses to adopt the responsibility for these children, without being provided a legal platform for this.

Whether you choose a legal or purely spiritual avenue for the adoption process, we are able to assist in making this an experience of mutual love, respect, honour and celebration, either between the two parents, in the case of babies, or between the parent and children involved, where the children are able to partake in the process.