Soul Coach“What is a Soul Coach?” you may ask as I stare blankly into space. The reason for my stare being that I have no idea. You see, 20 years ago, when I was innocent and pretty green, someone told me that I was exactly what they needed at that time in their life, someone to coach them towards their soul-self. That was when, for me, the term was born.

Although I have been quietly – and sometimes not so quietly – and gently – and sometimes definitely not so gently – been applying myself to whoever came along with whatever seemed to ail them, the term ‘soul coach’ have been bandied around quite a bit, thrashed, claimed and I believe even copyrighted. So the term ‘Soul Coach’ would be difficult for me to describe as I am sure most everyone who uses it have their own understanding of it and, even though we may all be traveling in the same direction with it, I can speak only for myself.

Given the above, I will attempt to answer the questions : “Who are you, Estelle Koch, Soul Coach, and what do you do?

I choose to believe that I am a 1.58m chocolate box of delicacies, gifts, talents and opportunities, some being lived and some absolutely chomping at the bit to be realized. Some of my aspects include having been a nursery school teacher and corporate executive and being an aspiring writer, a wordsmith, a mother, a wife, a counselor, a clairvoyant, a friend, a challenge and an inspiration.

During the past I have come face to face with my own insecurities, the majority of which surfaced as I was looking for a suitable domain name. Some of the possibilities that came up were word merchant, soul companion, yes, soul coach, personal development facilitator, mentor . . . the list continues, yet the majority already had someone else existing in them and they all felt pretty limiting.

In the process I was taken back about 15 years, to an encounter I had with someone who analyzed my handwriting. She asked me to write a passage, which I did (and in many ways I believe she analyzed what had been written rather than how it had been written), that I then signed ‘Ek’. This is the Afrikaans term for ‘me’, something I often used when signing notes to friends and familiars.

Soul CoachThis wise lady read the paragraph, analyzed whatever it was she analyzed and told me that I was not yet ready to used the term, as I had not yet ‘arrived’. This had me puzzled, until 8 years later, when I met and married my husband, whose surname is Koch – now my initials are EK. This was it – I had arrived, or so I believed until, as I mentioned, I was looking for a way to define myself when choosing my domain name.

I could use many of the titles/names we came up with, rolled around our tongues – and I had some friends who were only too happy to roll a few ideas around their tongues with me and, believe me, it made for interesting tongue wagging – but I would be limited to a ‘’ and I was having none of that – I wanted a ‘.com’. I wanted exposure and the only way to get that, was to be me – EK – Estelle Koch. No trimmings, no masks, no pseudonyms, no fancy words – just me, for that is all I have to offer you and right now I know that that is good enough!

Just as trying to describe myself very nearly tied me in a knot, the process of trying to describe what I do had even me confused – until I caught a glimpse of the magnificent old oak tree outside my window at dawn.

In the softness between light and dark, when shadows are uncertainly awaiting the empowerment of the light, that dendritic tree spoke to me of our lives, each branch awaiting our input to the neurons of our existence.

Soul CoachLimiting myself would be limiting those who come to me for guidance, as we are all so strong at core, at soul level, but our branches reach far and wide, etching gnarled, intricate images of uncertainty and unanswered questions against the canvas of our unlived lives. The impulses which fire the neurons of our being could never be limited to only our physical bodies, our intellect, emotions, or psyche. These, in combination with one another, play filigree patterns as the leaves of our being flutter in the breeze of our existence.

So, to you, let me be the voice of your soul, your core, your trunk – reminding you that your roots will always keep you grounded, whether in fear or in love; that the waters of emotion will always keep you alive, whether you choose to drink of it or not; that there will always be night time for you to replenish and find your core, your quiet space and your courage; and that you will always be open to the harsh, nourishing light of the reality sun which seeps into your reality; the flitting birds, butterflies and insects that feed and fire your neurons with fear and flowers, anger and acceptance, courage and colors, challenges and charm.

When you come to me for guidance, you define my role, as I am an open channel for the voice of your soul and, as such, I choose to be representative of your truth, your beauty and your divinity, showing up as a bat threatening to eat away your fruit, someone threatening to steal your flowers, a gentle gardener nurturing the soil in order for you to grow stronger or someone to silently lean against your trunk – exerting just enough pressure to lead you to stand up for your own survival, realization and flowering.

You decide, you write the script for your life, and you choose to listen to the voice of your soul . . . or not.